Short Review of Sofirn SP33 v2 with XHP50.2

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My 5000 K XHP 50.2 came in today .Totally messed up the swap. I should of taken the new emitter off the new 20mm board and put it on the 26mm board that comes stock in the SP33. Instead I installed the 20mm board thinking there was clearance between the soldier joints and the reflector. Well there is if you keep the soldier blob real low but mine shorted . That in itself would not have put the kabash on things but when I removed the lens , the gasket stuck in it and pulled off the dome. Talk about a purple beam. Long story short, put the original emitter back in and I am back to where I started. Oh well. Modding 101.

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I dont like that after the turbo is gone due to low voltage you have to double click for high

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Thank you DBC and Teacher for using my XHP70.2 dedome thread as a reference! Blushing
I ordered an SP33 and soon I will try XHP50.2 too.