CRX 3000 Post Giveaway

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Congratulations on your 3k posts, your lights are very cool, among the best artistic works out there!
thank you for sharing all the amazing lights you produce, have you thought about a youtube channel where everyone can see how you make these?
Count me in and thanks!

The last time I have done something for others was running a GAW on another forum (R/C related). Happy to run another one, regardless of whether I win here or not.

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Since I have so much respect for your mods, I would love to participate in this GAW. In fact, it would be unbelievable to own such a light that can not be bought anywhere.

My regular, not-modded lights are given away to friends and family all the time and I am looking forward to hosting my own GAW on BLF one day.

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Congratulations on 3000 posts. That’s a lot.

And amazing work on the giveaway!

Others here are worthier than me but I’d just like to own a special light that money can’t buy. (And I don’t have the skills now, maybe later in my lifetime when I retire)

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Huge skills. CRX lights are amazing.