Vapcell flashlight batteries giveaway to celebrate the Approaching 2019 New Year !!!

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Vapcell flashlight batteries giveaway to celebrate the Approaching 2019 New Year !!!

Vapcell flashlight batteries giveaway to celebrate the Approaching 2019 New Year !!!

Another beautiful New Year 2019 will be coming soon . Let’s anticipate together !!!!

Let us do a special GiveAway

What we offer in this giveaway?

1. Vapcell 21700 4500mAh 20A flashlight batteries

2. Vapcell 14500 1100mAh 3A flashlight batteries

3. Vapcell 18350 1100mAh 10A flashlight batteries

4. Vapcell 18650 3500mAh 10A flashlight batteries

GiveAway Prize shipping by Epacket

How to Join ( registered Member are qualified to join)

Please post what brand flashlight batteries you are using now,

Then every paticipant has one chance to choose one of the four flashlight batteries listed above you prefer

We will draw the lotteries on 5th,Jan,2019 . Four winners will be anounced by

Merry Xmas and happy new year!

Best Regards

The Vapcell Team

All information are posted on our official website and VapCell facebook:

Retail shop link :

Eva (skype: linjuan13)
Whatsapp : +86 18129913986
Wechat: linjuan725
Instagram : Vapcellbatteries

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I am currently using Samsung 30q Smile didn’t read carefully the first time…
I currently need 18350s.

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Currently using:

Samsung 25R, 30Q
LG yellow 18650
Panasonic NCR18650B for low amps lights

Count me in!

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I’m using vapcell 14500 1000mAh in my Lumintop tool AA, Samsung 30Q button top in my BLF Q8 and LG MJ1 in my Zebralight SC64w HI

I was considering a pair of Vapcell 21700 4500mAh 20A for my upcoming 21700 cell lights
Thanks for this GAW!

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Currently EDCing my Eagletac D25A Ti 14500….let’s see what this Vapcell brand is noisy about!

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Currently using a custom Sofirn C8F and have a Fireflies E07 on order. Both 21700 so i would choose that.

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Thanks Vapcell

Currently using Keeppower 800mAh/14500…would be nice to try your high capacity 14500 Smile

Merry Xmas & Happy NY!

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Thanks Vapecell!

I am using Samsung 50E and 30T 21700 in my FF PL47.

Would love to win:
*1. Vapcell 21700 4500mAh 20A flashlight batteries * as I am planning on picking up the ZL SC700D in the near future.

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Thanks for the giveaway. Currently using Sony VTC6 and Samsung 30Qs for most of them.

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Currently using Samsung 30q and sanyo 18650GA.

Would like to try one of your 18650 cells. Thanks.

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I’m using Q30’s,Fenix 18650’s ,Fenix &AW14500’s

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Using the Samsung 30T & Sony VTC6.
Nice GAW!

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Panasonic 18650B
Liitokala 18650B
Samsung 30Q


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I am currently using Aspire 18350 and Samsung 18650. I would like to get those 21700 cells if I win.

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I’m using Lii50 ,30Q,HG2,VTC6
Thanks and Merry Xmas

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Mainly using Samsung 30Q for most of my lights in 18650 size

Also have Keepower 26650

Other size battery’s I use are 18350 Xtar and 16340

Thanks for the GAW

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I’m currently using an Efest 650mah 14500. Could do with more 14500’s. Especially with more MAHs!
Thank you for the GAW!

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Nice giveaway Vapcell! And thanks for being present on BLF and thinking with us about new products!

My most used brands: Sony and Samsung, for my 18350 flashlights Aspire, Keeppower and Vapcell (all approximately 1100 mAh)

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Samsung 30Q
Panasonic 18650B
Thanks for GAW

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Currently using Sony, Sanyo, efest, keeppower, Panasonic, aw, efest, samsung, aspire.

Don’t have a vapcell yet. I would be happy to try your 18350s.

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currently use samsung 30Q, sanyo NCR18650GA & shockli 5500mah 26650

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Currently using Samsung 30Q, Samsung 35E, Murata VTC6, Murata VTC5A, PLB 26550.
Would like to try one of your 21700 cells.
Thanks and Merry Xmas! Party

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I find the 20700 / 21700 batteries quite expensive.
Often twice the price of an 18650 but definitely not twice the capacity.
I guess they will be cheaper in time, when the hype has settled.


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Nearly all my batteries are button top Samsung 30Q, but I would like a couple of 21700’s for the C8F I have coming in the post, would be a shame to run it with a sleeved 18650

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I am using VTC6, Sanyo NCR18650GA, Samsung 25R, Shockli 5500mAh, Keeppower 18350, Vapcell 14500
I would like to add another Vapcell 14500 to my collection!

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I use Samsung 30Q, Keeppower 14500, Aspire 18350, Liitokala 26650.

I vould love to try Vapcell 14500

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Im currently using Samsung 30Q and Sony vtc6 for 18650 and Efest 14500.
I would be interested in the Vapcell 18650s or 14500s.

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I’m using ncr18650GA’s and 35E’s for 18650’s and Vapcel purple 18350’s.

Id like to get some Vapcel 21700’s so I’d have a reason to buy some new lights lol.

Merry Christmas!

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I’m using Sony VT6, Sanyo 18650GA, Samsung 30Q, keeppower 18350 and 16340 and have one vapcell 14500 which is waiting for a light Smile

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I have ncr18650b, nrc18650ga, samsung 35e and samsung 30q cells

Now im looking for 21700 cells

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Merry Christmas and a happy Newyear!

Currently using Samsung 30Q, Keeppower 18650, Keeppower 18350, Windyfire 14500 and Liitokala 26650.

I would love to try a Vapcell 21700.

Thank you for the GAW!

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