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AAA Host
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It seems strange no one has replied to this post after several weeks, so I’ll just chime in with what little I know. Empty AAA hosts are uncommon.

However, I’ve seen other users show off mods of the Lumintop Tool, Thrunite Ti3 and Ti5, Fenix E05, and Jetbeam Jet-u. The Tool in particular seems to be have coupon codes available for it from time-to-time from members in the user-negotiated deals sub-forum.

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I have a couple drivers laying around

What diameter?

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Wellp, this is the first I’m seeing this thread, so…

Also, most cheap AAA lights are either cheap/flimsy enough that it doesn’t pay to upgrade anything, or those that are good already have decent drivers (unless start-on-high or other things that piss you off are so intolerable…).

If you have a dead Tool or µ or something, yeah, bring it back to life with a new driver (if it fits, ‘fcourse).

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Think you can pick up one of those Ultratac A7 I think it is, for like $7 or something. Horrible driver stock, strobe in the mode order, but that won’t bother you if you are replacing it. Think Vipon has a coupon for it. If not it’s usually dirt cheap enough anyway.

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