**Hump Day Giveaway** WINNER DRAWN

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**Hump Day Giveaway** WINNER DRAWN


Post #68 WLE is the winning number. WLE shoot me a PM with your shipping details and I will get it in the mail as soon as possible.

I think I may have a few other lights laying around that need a new home. I’m sure more giveaway’s will be forthcoming.

Got this light a few months ago when I came about a good deal on some 18350’s. Well you know how that goes. You have to have enough lights to use the extra batteries of course. The little Jetbeam E20R is a great little light. I just don’t really use it. I thought I would but the side switch comes on too easy in my pocket. You can lock it out but I really don’t feel like doing a long long long press and hold to bring it out of lockout every time I need it. If that doesn’t bother you then it might work out great for you. I have the box and all accy’s that go with it. I will even include a almost new AW 18350.

I have bought a few new lights and knives so the wife advised I get rid of a few before I bring in a few. Well she didn’t necessarily say I had to sell them. I sold a few to buy a new ZebraLight but I would much rather give a few away and make someone happy happy happy. I will have a few more for give aways the next few weeks I think. Nothing super special, just a few decent lights.

No real super strict rules on this one. I would like for you to have been a member for a few months. Logging on just to enter give aways and contest isn’t very cool, so it would be nice if you were a active part of this phenomenal group. I would also like to keep it to the lower 48 but it’s not a set requirement. It’s really not a giveaway if I limit the audience.

I will draw the number on the next Hump Day. January 16th. So this is a fairly quick one. Just post “I’m in” and you are in.

Good luck guys and gals.


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I’m in
(relatively new member, but hope to be considered due to great participation on this forum Wink )
(edit: If I am not a viable participant please could you omit my entry in the dreaded first post in a GAW)
Thanks for the GAW

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I’m in

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I’m in. Looks like a nice light. I never had a jetbeam before and also not a 18350 light.

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Thanks for the giveaway, toddcshoe!

I'm not in.

I just want to say...


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I’m in! Thanks!

I also know the situation about finding a light for every cell. Facepalm Thanks for the generosity of your giveaway.

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I’m in.

Did I ever say nay
to a giveaway? Wink

Thanks toddcshoe.

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I’m in. Thanks for the GAW.

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In like Flynn

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I’m in, Thanks Toddcshoe! Guess I never realized Jetbeam made an 18350 light, looks like a great candidate for a custom driver swap!

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My 3535 give away

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I’m in

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I’m in

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I’m in. Thanks!

This post/thread "may" contain referrals, a little contribution I "earn" in form of points ONLY if you buy the item. The purpose is to redeem items using the points and then making reviews of them in the forums to shar

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I’m in !

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I’m in.

Very kind of you, thank you!

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Thanks, I’m in.

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Thanks for the GAW, I’m in

  • Happy to pay the extra international shipping cost if I’m lucky enough to win Smile
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I’m in, Thanks for the GAW. Shipping to a USA address if I were to win Cool

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Consider me “In” … Many Thanks for the GAW … Smile

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I’m in. Thanks

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Thanks for the generosity Todd. Smile
I’m not in this time as I won’t use this much either. Wink

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I’m in ONLY if shipping is free. I can not afford To pay..

If international shipping is not free… Avoid me…


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Thanks for the GAW
Count me in

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“I’m in”

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I’m in !!

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IN…thanks for the GA!! Big Smile

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I am in. Thanks for the cool light GAW.

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I’m in . Thanks.

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I’m in

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I’m in.

I’d be nice to try out a SST40.

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Im in but EU.