What's under the wrapper (Sofirn + Thorfire 18650s)

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What's under the wrapper (Sofirn + Thorfire 18650s)

Decided to remove the wrapper from some of my Sofirn and Thorefire branded batteries. I did a search and found speculation as to what was underneath but not definite answers.

Three different batteries (all buttontops)
-Thorefire 3000mah protected 18650 (came as part of a Thorefire C8S kit with batt and charger)
-Sofirn 3000mah unprotected 18650 (purchased from AX seller E-battery Store)
-Sofirn 3400mah protected 18650 (purchased from AX seller E-battery store)


They appear to be all the same battery. DLG brand.
I definitely can’t provide a HJK level review of them. However my MiBoxer C4-12 places them all at +/- 3000mah and .050-.060ohms.

Thought this could be an interesting post and maybe an ongoing thread if others would like to contribute their findings with other batteries.

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Thanks Nooner. I’m sure others will chime in.


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DLG,It’s a battery manufacturer in Shanghai.These cell is very cheap in taobao.Performance is close to LG MH1

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Sofirn I consider a good brand. Flashlights are of good quality and cheap. The customer service is great. Put the same accumulator under two wraps and write a different capacity for each one (one much higher than the actual one) as a scam. Same as when Liitokala sells cheap non-branded batteries such as Samsung, Pasasonic, LG etc.