BLF Q8 or alternative

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ltcdata wrote:
Hi! Update! Customs usually takes 4-5 months… but after 2 weeks.. i got my BLF Q8!!! I tought i would not like ramping and will be using it in discrete modes… boy i was wrong! I love ramping! The tint is perfect, and is more throwier than i thought compared to my old SRK. Love moonlight mode too. Very useful. It took me a little time to understand the ui but after a few resets i was able to configure it. Thanks everyone for your help!!

Next week, you are going to “need” MORE lumens. MUCH MORE. Because what you will want to know…can I light up a small town? Send light signal to my buddies on the moon?

As the ancient Egyptians use to say……….Lumen Greed Is Good.

Moses came from the mountaintop carrying a tablet. The Words were....WITH GREAT LUMENS COMES GREAT REPONSIBILITY.