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I reflowed a ~5700k XP-G2 S4 into mine; no more purple beam Big Smile
Not the kind of light I’ll use often, but it’s great for handing out to people.

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AFAIK never sold by LIDL Netherland.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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I saw them a week or two ago here in a store but can’t even find a leaflet announcing it so no idea how long they’d been there. – I’ll check later when I do groceries.-

They still had a half a dozen or so on the shelf, and I bought one.


diameter 16mm, thickness 6.4mm, rim 3mm

edit: driver pics.

“A1SHB” is a Si2301 P-ch FET
“CD” has only 3 connections, either another FET or a standalone boost converter
“WBAN3” probably handles the modes

I also found this 15.5mm lens in a drawer. It needs a spacer so it doesn’t rattle around – no rim – and I’m not quite sure whether it’s aspherical or not (the flat side is actually slightly concave) but it should survive a harsh pocket environment better than the plastic one.

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Agro wrote:
Ever since this thread started I’m looking locally to see if they are available….nope, they are not. I even checked some site that catalogues lidl stuff – it doesn’t list them so they probably didn’t arrive some time before I started looking. I wonder if they’ll eventually show up….I lost most of the hope already.

Hey Argo,

Just an idea, I don’t know if it would be worth it or possible still but if I can get them I’d be happy to send one to you for just the price of postage.
Only issue I can see is that postage to Polland would cost £4.40 from what I can see, so a bit more than the light cost.

I forgot that took this photo a few weeks ago when I last visited the Lidl near me, they had quite a few.

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Thanks a lot neBstress, that’s a great offer!
It got my mind running in circles for a while (even while writing this post) because….I can’t really take it.
The thing is:
Due to liquidity issues I forsee a quarter ahead I cut my flashlight spendings to $0 half year ago.

I cheated once, with a small Arrow order.
With this light I intended to cheat again.

Now…$10 or thereabouts are nothing next to the expenses that I have ahead. But still, they key to feeling OK with the cheat was that the price was really trivial.
Turning it from trivial to well-worth-it-and-small…well it’s a hard decision…but I have to decline your offer.
But I really appreciate it. Thank you.

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You are welcome Argo and no worries, I understand.

Hopefully they will arrive in your local Lidl’s sooner or later!

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My daughter bought me one for my birthday (hey! 3,99€), I can’t open it until next week Smile

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Good to see they are still circulating Europe. May show up here one day…

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1.2 A will last about 1.2 minutes

i usually find cheap zooms don;t really concentrate the light so much as they just throw away the edges
the spot isn;t much brighter than the flood
also on your picture, the zoom looks crooked, not on the main light center line
anyway, enjoy anyway!


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Got this from lidl last week, it doubles duty as power bank.

1× 18650 2200mAh
3W Cree XPE-R2
approx. 120 Lm
3 modes: 100% – 30% (with PWM) – SOS

Sofar it’s working good, tint is much better then Aliexpress zooms I ever bought from.

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Just reviewed the “bigger sister”, the 2xAA zoomie flashlight from LIDL Silly
Here: Thumbs Up

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