If Money Was No Problem, Where Would You Choose To Live?

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Strom wrote:
I live in Switzerland (close to Luzern) and I love it here.

That’s actually one of the areas I would consider if money wasn’t an issue. I have spent some time climbing and mountaineering around Switzerland and really love it. Crazy expensive though.
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If Money Was No Problem, Where Would You Choose To Live?

I would buy houses around the globe and would move to my next house if it’s getting to hot/cold. I want to live in an eternal late spring/early summer Smile

Second choice would be: In a closet of a flashlight factory Facepalm

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I worked in Darwin after “Tracey” in early ’70’s.
Lived there for 5 yrs. Then Townsville. Capital of AUST.
Though they flooded out at present.
Then up to Darwin in caravan for 3 months a yr for 15/17 yrs.
Territory is the greatest place on Earth. Most of the time.
NOT too many people. With most of the drunks being “well Tanned”

The ONE thing we have in Aust (Northern) is WARM rain.
Think about it..
Also a Lot of mining. BIG money.. 10 grandkids. 7 in mines.
All set Financially, for life.
A perfect country to base yourself. then travel the rest to see.
We do every yr mainly.

PS Above. Forget the houses.
A decent sized Yacht, 70/80ft. Live on board and follow the seasons. Checking out everywhere you want. Bored. Move on. I did for 20 yrs when single in late ’40’s/50’s. Between wives.

Plan your lives from a young age. and live it out as you go along.

I had it ALL arranged. with one mistake. Lived too long.
Running out of money. Planned for around 70yrs. 77 still here and still swinging.. Whoops.

Plan your retirement and cruising for LONGER…. Than you expect.
It often happens. (longevity) In most cases.
Money is NOT infinite