Looking for a simple but decent 1AA

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/\ +1 to what funkychateau said. I cannot imagine ever needing to use manual lockout considering the stiffness of the switch. But it’s there if you want to use it.

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korkfoto wrote:
What about Sofirn SP 10A/B (V 1.0 if possible)?

Why not v2?

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As it was mentioned in other topics:
Higher lumens, better runtimes, better UI.

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Hello, good choice for AA to travel in Europe, (as a European) I prefer the small form factor as well and we have easy access to AA batteries if you are caught out.

From my choices of what I carry it would be

Zebralight SC52w – very rugged and efficient light, side switch won’t come on in your pocket and great UI

Zebralight SC53w. Good, I prefer the slightly tighter beam of the 52w and the tint.

Eagletac D25A small and light and tail switch

Olight S1A. Very small and light and nice TIR beam is good for indoor work

I would take an olight magnetic universal charger too as it does Nimh batteries.

Also, Ikea is everywhere and their version of Ladda 2450mah Nimh is superb, I use them to replace Eneloop pro. So you will be able to get new cells if needed.

Enjoy your trip!

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Tool 2.0 Ultratac A1 both are solid contenders and will run 14500 also without issues.

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