THRUNUTE TH30 and EDC stuff ..ROFIS R3 also...and some thoughts

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THRUNUTE TH30 and EDC stuff ..ROFIS R3 also...and some thoughts

In advance :
Heading out soon.TY all for helping me with gear and questions on a few threads I made !!!
BLF people rock.Really

I got a few spare TH30, here is how I used one.
Others are in my work packs and bug-out-bags
Gave others to family, 1 to a friend.

I hope I can post this here, if not just delete. Just wanted to show off how I EDC my new light

*I may rotate in the Rofis R3,not sure.

I tried perhaps 8-10 other lights (angle) that Marines and NTO I know have.
For one reason or another ,I did not like them.

We all grabbed a few spare Sanyo 30Q batts (thanks for that info)
Ravpower 6700
Ravpower 24W solar charger
Olight magnet USB charger

Came here as a noob. EVERYONE was friendly and very helpfull !
A+++ forum and folks.
Quite a few bros “lurk” here now for info, 100s at least

Semper Fi

*Have to say it again, love LOVE my Rofis R3, so dang handy.
No – it isnt 2000-4000 lumens..for 30 seconds
No – it doesnt have 7+modes

For those old enough : Remember when flashlights had one mode? ON….thats it ! It worked fine and we made due ,just fine.
(IMHO) Tech – gadget- wackos get hung up on silly things. In this case I am talking about people that collect or have more then 4-5 lights.
(I have heard stories that people here and other forums have 10 or even 20 lights !!!!!!!) Chime in if you have passed 20 that you still own )

People get hung up on lumen spacing WAY too much IMHO. ok ok, 1 in a million people may NEED spacing for a legit use.I have never met one.
For EDC use w/e lumens and spacing these MFG give us,is fine for 99% of people,99% of the time.

For me, .5 to 10 lumens is nice.A high with decent run time.Burst and and other levels are just gravy.
Never had or heard of anyone using SoS or strobe(all of them done wrong…2 fast..needs more blackness)

I said the above mostly about the Rofis R3 levels.(or any other light)

All this said, a light with a dial of some sort would be cool..even if mostly useless
Where you could dial in 0 to max and all in between. (that called a pot?)
Thats a million $ idea !

TY again
TY for ALL the reviews,AMAZING camera work and vids.All of the tech stuff with meters and such

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1. It’s Thrunite, not Thrunute. Smile

2. If you want a simple light that can survive anything, then you’ve got the Sofirn C01:

It’s a good light twisty light, potted electronics, so almost fully waterproof, support for Lithium primaries to drain them FULLY. Single mode light, so pretty simple

My very own high current Beryllium Copper springs:
Liitokala Aliexpress Stores Battery Fraud:

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Done with lights Smile
I have a box of Fenix E12 and AAA twisty at work