Longest runtime 1x18650

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Longest runtime 1x18650

What flashlight(1×18650) has the longest runtime
1) for 50-100 lm
2) for 100-200 lm

any of Zebralight?
What else can you recommend?

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For example my Sofirn SP31 (I think I got a transition model as it has a XP-L2 HD led like the v1 but the v2 driver) got almost 12 hours of stable runtime at medium with a 3500mAh LG MJ1 battery. The step down to 35% of initial output happened at 712min and the second stepdown (to only about 3% of initial output) happened at 741min.

The v2, which is the version currently available for sale, claims 9h45m with their 3000mAh battery (with a 3500mAh battery it should be about 11h, so I’m pretty sure I got the same driver). It has a XP-HI rather than the XP-L2 from the v1, so it’s possible that the runtime is a bit less. Zenoair estimates the medium mode at 139Lm.

(ignore the wrong title, it’s S*P*31)

My Thorfire VG10S also has good runtime but I never tested it with the ceilingbounce app.

I think that a flashlight with a low Vf led should have better runtime with a good buck driver rather than a linear driver or a FET+1. There are several companies that use buck drivers, some likely better than Sofirn, some likely worse, but the runtime at low or med modes is rarely tested by independent reviewers. Zebralight certainly uses efficient drivers, but I’m not sure how much better is their efficiency compared to the competition.