$100000+ Coupons! Why Not Join Our Spring Spree & Get What You Need With Amazing Price?+Giveaway (Closed)

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$100000+ Coupons! Why Not Join Our Spring Spree & Get What You Need With Amazing Price?+Giveaway (Closed)

Hello BLF friends,


Known for offering the best bang for your buck, Banggood has launched the ‘Spring Sale Shopping Gude,’

offering a slew of amazing tips and tricks for Spring Sale.

When is the Banggood Big Spring Sale?

Our Big Spring Sale is from the 4th-15th of Marth but we have nearly a month of festivities planned.



Awesome things happening during the Big Spring Sale

9% OFF Site-Wide coupon code:9OFFSP

During the big Spring Sale we have a limited time and quantity coupon grab. you can use it to discount most items not already at a discount.


1.Toys Hobbies and Robot

9% off coupon

code: 19RCSP


2.Electronics Tools, Industrial & Scientific,

8% off coupon

code: 8%Newele

Link: https://www.banggood.com/promotion-ElectronicsToolsNewSeason-8388.html?


3.Outdoor & Auto & Moto

7% off coupon

code: 7outdoor



4.home & garden, lights &lighting

9% off coupon

code: 9%margl



The promotion page features a wide selection of products that have been split into specific categories to facilitate the search process.

As part of the recently kicked-off promo, Banggood is offering its loyal users a chance to grab great discounts on select products.

Aside from that, Banggood users can avail an opportunity to take advantage of Rare Coupons and save a considerable amount of extra money.

Hope you can enjoy it.


Here is a good deal for the Flashlight,

Nitecore LA10 Maintenance Light Flexible Camping EDC LED Flashlight Work Light
Coupon Code:BGLA10
Normal price: $24.95
Coupon Price: $17.99


You also can join our activities as follow:


Warming-up Sale Period(3.4 10:00 - 3.13 13:00)

1)coupons rule
The user join in the promo page,click the Button"copy to use"(If failed grab, the number of coupons has been grabed),the users select the product within the coupon range to order ,input the coupon code in the Payment page.

2)APP Exclesive 0.01 snatch event
The user join in the promo page,click the banner of 0.01 snatch,If the PC user prompts to download APP & registration,users can join in the 0.01
snatch activity,If it is a mobile user, click on the banner to access the 0.01 snatch activity, click here:https://m.banggood.com/onecentsnatch-item-187828_1240814.html?

3)$100 coupon new user pacakge
click on the banner,Receive a $100 coupon package when the user is registered

4)50 Pcs Gifts
The Users join the facebook activity about:Pick up you favorite products from the three listed products,and comment on facebook,we will select 50 users to send the Gifts and the winner list will be announced on facebook after the event

Blowout Sale period(3.13 13:00-3.15 24:00)
1)Site-Wide 9% OFF Coupon
The Usage rules:This coupon is valid from Mar 13-Mar 15, and cannot be used on 3D Printer & Supplies/Home Audio & Video/Bike & Bicycle/ Home Appliances/Laptops & Netbooks/Projectors & Accessories/Tablet PC/Smartphones/Feature Phones/Power bank and Promo Tags products.

The Users join in the promo page,Click the Button"Copy to use"(If failed grab, the number of coupons has been grabed),the users select the product within the coupon range to order ,input the coupon code in the Payment page.
2)Free Order
Getting a free eligibility for the product by purchasing the designated product.



Part #2 Giveaway

Hello to all of Banggood’s friends here in BLF. Thank you very much for your support all the time.

We are celebrating our big Spring Sale, and as usual, yours truly will again be assisting and hosting a simple giveaway by banggood for you guys!



BlitzWolf® BW-AR182 2-in-1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (First Winner)

Astrolux FT02 SST40-W 2400lm LED Flashlight (Second Winner)


1. Post in this thread anything about Banggood OR some photos, jokes and so on.
2. Post only once, and that’ll be your entry. Please no duplicate accounts.
3.This giveaway starts Mar 4th and will end on20th Mar, 2019.
4.Random.org will be used to determine the lucky post numbers.
5. Rules subject to change without notice.


Have fun and post away guys!

2 winners …and these 2 winners will be choosing by random.org.

9% discount for all flashlight & Lasers

coupon code: 4BLF

Link: https://goo.gl/4JmL8w


2)Get big discount everyday

Link: http://www.banggood.com/coupon.html


Business inquiry

E-mail: chendongling@banggood.com

Skype: swiling88


After Sales Problems:

E-mail: cservice@banggood.com


APP Download

Link: https://www.banggood.com/AppDownload.html

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One of the first lights I bought from Banggood a few years ago, This light recently became the first light I modded a little bit, Count me in for the GAW. Maybe I’m lucky number 1 Big Smile

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Count me in, thanks for the GAW.

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Location: Far East

Nice gaw, thanks for the chance!

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“The trick of life is to die young, but as late as possible.”

And guess where to buy Astrolux A01 Party

Sorry for my poor english.

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i’m vip 4 at your site Facepalm

this is such an expensive hobby

Forgot my pen

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There’s a light on the boat, from you to me. And that’s no joke!
Count me in, thank you for this GAW.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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Thank you for this Giveaway Banggood,
Keep banging out the deals.

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I loved Banggood

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I’m in because I need another flashlight.

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in, ty Banggood

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in also, thank you BG

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I am in, waiting for the delivery of my new FT 03 Big Smile

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Banggood, the place I go for my Budget Light Fix Blushing

Thanks for the give-a-way.

Move towards the light.

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Thanks for the GAW BangGood, I’d like to join it. Smile
I have Astrolux A01 BLF edition on my neck right now. Smile

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Spring Sale? Oh, how I’m looking forward to Spring. We still have snow Sad

Thanks for the sales and gaw!

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I’m in! thanks BG

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Count me in!
(Fingers crossed that my second order with Banggood goes a little smoother than my first one…)

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Looks fun. I am in

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Please count me in on this giveaway.

Thanks for all the great bargains BangGood. I purchased one of those lightweight folding chairs for camping and concerts, and love it!

The lighter the brighter the better.

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Thanks for the giveaway

Roses are red, violets are blue, this forum is great, and BG canceled shipping my batteries too

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Anything about Banggood: I have ordered my third Astrolux FT02 today, and for the third time it is not for me (but for some colleages). I do hot own one myself.

Thanks for the giveaway, Banggood.

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My first purchase was a rainbow of Astrolux A01s with 219b and no mode memory. All of them still in use and going strong.

I’ve found Banggood prices to be very competitive and I’ve never had any issues.

The FT03 looks very nice, fingers crossed and thanks for the giveaway!

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Party   Happy Spring Sale   Party

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I’m in for this great giveaway.

My most recent purchase from BangGood was a Haikelite MT07 Buffalo Cool white thrower. Awesome light and BG is awesome too!

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I’m only VIP level III, but even that means I shop there more than my wife would probably like! Count me in for the giveaway. Thanks!

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Great sale, I’m in.

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I have a Cometa, it bangs good! LOL

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

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I've always been a fan of Banggood...

Thanks for the giveaway!

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I am in!