Free sample and Free Delivery!!Looking for Reviewers

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Free sample and Free Delivery!!Looking for Reviewers

We are looking for some reviewers for our 8 slots battery chargers.
Any interest, pls feel free to contact with us.

Please sent email any

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You already send samples to HJK for review – I’m not sure we need any other opinion. Big Smile

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Agreed, but feel free to send me one as my Nitecore is starting to play up! Big Smile (I’m kidding btw I have no ‘qualifications’ to test this really!)

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Will there be a new C8 charger? I already use the C4 (upgrade), C4-12 (old version) and C2-4000. I had the new C4 Plus but gave it away due to it’s fickle automatic charging current selection based upon the cell’s internal resistance. It has unfortunately very limited manual override options to set a user defined charging current. I would be very much interested into testing an 8-bay charger with following specs:

- 3A for all 8 slots or at least 2A for all 8 slots
- protected 21700 compatibility (80mm slot length)
- fully manual current selection (100mA – 3000mA)
- LiFePO4 (3.6V) support
- highly desired: charging will not start before user interaction (= press a button) as charging LiFePO4 is dangerous with automatic charging after a power interruption and default profile (Li-Ion 4.20V).

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The e-mail I received is fishing for Amazon reviews.

Posting a review on Amazon for consideration (payment, free product, etc.) is strictly against Amazon terms of service.

Not cool.

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I went on and on the listing, I did not see 21700. That would be strike one.

Also, the next charger I buy has to have adjustable maximum voltage. I may want to charge it at 4v max.

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