Zanflare C4

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Zanflare C4

As I fall deeper into flashaholism; I find I need another charger, I have 2 Nitecores. i4 new and old models, and 1 really old one called MaximalPower that has 3 settings, nicd, nimh, and alkaline,(yes it will charge an alk to about 60-70%)
I read some of the reviews on the Zanflare C4 and was wondering if anyone on here has used one extensively for a year or so.

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Awesome for many reasons. I personally like the individual volt display that shows me how low the voltages are when I took the cells out of my light, and at what voltages the cells are during charging.
Just awesome it has a power bank feature and the capability to charge NiMH cells as well, neither is my Xtar VP4 able to do so.
However, my biggest gripe is that terminating voltage varies a lot. I think it even stopped charging once at 4.12V or so. Yesterday one cell stopped at 4.16V. This never happens with my VP4 charger where all the cells stop at the exact voltage (+/- 0.001V).
So for the money I think it’s a great charger, but It’s not perfect. For Li-ion I consider the VP4 superior; I just have more confidence in Xtar.

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I have the Zanflare C4 as my primary charger and I love it.  Besides the bells & whistles (I'm sure you're read HKJ's review), it's impossible to hurt anything since it maxes at 1A.  But that could be a downside if you're in a hurry. I don't want to charge anything faster than that anyway.  The only thing it gets dinged on is Power bank functionality, but I don't use that.


From a form and fit perspective, the slots are a little wobbly when putting cells in, but works fine once they are there.

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I have used it for a year. I find that I am using the others more often. I like it primarily for the charge& discharge function. It is my only charger that measures capacity. Not totally accurate, but good enough for me.

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I have had my C4 for several months. I can echo what the others have said. I don’t believe the capacity measurements as absolute, but relatively they are fine. I question the resistance measurement, but again relatively it seems fine. Mine terminates at 4.20V on all channels regularly. I like I can cycle batteries with it. I bought it for $17, which was nice. I have no regrets buying it. It can be a bit slow at 1A, but slow is relative. I have never NEEDED a battery any faster than it can provide it. Just plan accordingly.

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I’ve used my C4 regularly for a year. It’s worked fine for me so far.

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Zanflare C4 charger doesn’t seem to be available (discontinued?) on Gearbest website for quite some time already.

I usually would recommend the ZanFlare C4 over the Lii-500 since the C4 has more reliable IR measurement (though C4’s capacity reading seems to be on the overestimated higher). Are the Zanflare C4’s still being sold?

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Thanks all for your input.
I have the C4 on my Amazon list.
It’s for sale on there at around $32.
Still researching.

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I like mine and use it as an upgrade for the liito kala 500. Easier to get batteries in and out of . seems to be more accurate than the 500. Bought both cheap and think each works pretty well but the Liito Kalas power supply/wall wort burnt up so the C4 gains extra points for not blowing anything up yet . $32 is pretty high I think mine was $15 2 years ago ? and the Lii500 was $18

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Have the Opus, C4 and Lii-500. The Opus is the most powerful, has the most setting options, and is the most versatile. It seems to over report capacity a bit and the IR can be erratic but is still ‘good enough” to be useful.

The C4 and Lii-500 look similar and have almost identical functions/features. I think they both work generally about as well. I like the readout of the C4 better, and the IR is more stable and reliable than the Opus. I’ve had 3x Lii-500 and the IR function is useless on every one so I’m not sure it’s any good at all. I think the capacity function on the Lii may be more accurate than the other 2, at least that seems to be a consensus of this forum. Which ruler do you believe when you don’t have a known accurate standard? For me, for this purpose, they are all good enough.

For general use I like the the C4. Too bad the price has jumped up so much. $20 was a really good price.
If I’m being fussy about capacity, the Lii-500. If I have some special charge/discharge or requirements that the the C4 won’t do I use the Opus. The Lii won’t do anything the C4 can’t do that is of consequence.
If I HAD to choose just one > Opus. I did change out the power supply and the little fan for better ones. People gripe about the fan, but the fan is one of the reasons it can handle higher charge/discharge.
I don’t get bent out of shape if my Lion cells finish at 4.16 or 4.23 instead of……exactly…..4.20v.

None are bad choices. They all do an OK job for their price range. If some particular function or feature is critical for you…lean that direction.

FWIW- I don’t think any charger in this price category will have accurate IR. It’s useful as a crude reference. As such, it is an important feature for me, putting the Lii at the bottom of this choice group.

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I really like my Zanflare. If I had to get another charger, I think I’d get this one again.

I got it over the Opus 3100 and and Nitecore SC4, and Miboxer C4-12 based on price and features. It will do what most standard chargers can’t like do cell analyzing, charging from 0 volts, testing with internal resistance, charge at 300, 500, 700, and 1000 mah on all 4 slots, and take up to the 21700 size batteries. The only thing it doesn’t have is super-fast 3A on all slots like a C4-12, a dedicated discharge mode, won’t do LiFe chemistry, and the measurements are a bit off, but within spec. My cells read low on my multimeter, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, after coming off the charger. Charger says 4.2, meter says 4.17 to 4.18v for li-ion for NiMh charger says 1.5, meter says 1.45 to 1.47v. On my lipo charger, the capacity readings are close, generally within 100-200 mah. The IR looks okay and is consistent, provided you get good connection between the charger and battery. If you don’t charge a lot of high capacity Li ions like 3000 to 5000 mah cells and don’t need a 2-3A charge current, I say go for it and get it on Amazon for like $35 shipped with tax.