Flashlight and camera in one? How bizzarre...

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Flashlight and camera in one? How bizzarre...


Since I’m quite new, maybe there had already been such inventions, but I’m kind of stunned. On the other hand I wish somebody reviewed this torch to see whether it’s useful for anything. Don’t have good memories with cameras attached to EDC items (like sunglasses or wrist watch), but I don’t want to prejudice.

Does anybody feel like tesing it? Cool

FT link

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Things like these have been around for a while. I remember first seeing them in bike lights. I guess there could be other applications that one might want to record e.g. caving or hunting…?

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It makes perfect sense. Now one can capture a well lit picture of a Mack Truck grill hitting the bike. Or getting impaled by that elusive unicorn.

Wait….does it have a 95 CRI led? We wouldn’t want a washed out picture, particularly the red color.


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