Heavy duty Led flashlight recommendations please

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Heavy duty Led flashlight recommendations please

I like and am using an older 5.11 Tactical XBT A4 Flashlight

I would like to ask what is out there now that would be better, possibly using two C’s or D’s
It has to be heavy duty pretty waterproof as we are Professional Plumbers.
Thank you for your replies!

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Dive lights are pretty waterproof.

Not a lot of flashlights use C and D batteries anymore.
Have you considered transitioning to li-ion batteries

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If change to to li-ion battery is a option i would check the Jaxxman X1S. Heavy duty. Water tight and also a beauty.

New LuckySun D80 looking good so far http://budgetlightforum.com/node/66255

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Rayovac Indestructible 2D is a solid work light. It’s only IPX4 rated, but depending on how waterproof you need your light to be that may be enough.

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Maglites are pretty heavy duty. They have a number of C cell and D cell options. Look at their ML line. I have both their 3 cell and 2 cell lights (D). Good enough output and a very solid light.