PhotonPhreaks: Flashlight Related Swag (Stickers, Patches, Apparel)

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PhotonPhreaks: Flashlight Related Swag (Stickers, Patches, Apparel)

I bet some of you know me or are aware of my PhotonPhreaks project. For those that aren’t, a quick introduction:

I love flashlights and wanted some stickers to put on my flashlight case, but other than a couple brands, there were practically no flashlight themed stickers available, so I started working on my own design. One thing lead to another and now I have PhotonPhreaks, a company with its own Instagram page, Facebook Group and now it’s own website that just launched yesterday!

I’ll use this thread to keep everyone here abreast with the latest designs and drops, and hopefully I’l be able to provide some BLF specific discounts, to keep with the B portion of the name Wink

I also have a section on my site called Phreaky Fast Flashlight Deal where I’ll list short sales of lights at (hopefully) steep discounts. Sales will be short lived to try to keep the manufacturers from complaining about it being under MAP Wink

Here’s the most recent drop of 4 stickers, the Landmark Series:

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