Convoy S9 Carbon Fibre & Lighted Switch Fixed

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Convoy S9 Carbon Fibre & Lighted Switch Fixed

Convoy S9 CF SST-40 - SD - 18650 - EL Sw - 1160lm - Rechargeable.

I thought it was a bit silly for the Convoy S9 to have the lighted switch illuminated only when the light is on so I installed a white LED under the switch cover which is always on unless the light is locked out.

I shortened the battery tube and installed a magnetic tail, the magnet is not too strong but just enough to hold the light horizontally.
The original switch boot is covered in some GITD power & silicone mix which also makes it a little firmer to operate.
27mm x 1mm 3K carbon fibre sleeve on head & body and resistor modded for more current.
Charging indicator LEDs can be seen from the side. Driver cavity is potted.
Stock driver/ 1A USB charger unit with resistor mod so still four modes with 0.5s press for On/Off and single click to progress through the modes while the light is on. The UI takes a little getting used to but is tolerable.


Aluminium & Carbon Fibre shell
Luminus SST-20 6500K Emitter
16mm Copper DTP MCPCB
OP Reflector
GITD O-ring & LED Surround
Shortened Body
Magnetic Tail
Potted Internals, including the USB port
Lighted & GITD Electronic Side Switch

Low - 9lm
Med - 60lm
High - 435lm
Max - 1200lm

Length – 106mm
Width – 27mm
Weight – 125g (with 18650 cell)Convoy S9 CF SST-40 - SD - 18650 - EL Sw - 1160lm - Rechargeable.

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Sweet Smile Like the way the switch looks like Wink And turned out great with the CF Thumbs Up
I wish I had the ability to mod this light’s driver; i would get one! The current UI is a no-no!

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Yeah it’s not the best but not the worst either.
I’ve never liked lights that you need to press & hold for On & Off but the S9 isn’t too bad.

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I wanted to like the S9 but that UI just doesn’t do it for me…
It’s a pity because I love the aesthetics !

Great job CRX, as always !

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Awesome mod as always! Thumbs Up Beer