BLDC motor as generator

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BLDC motor as generator

Hi friends.

I need advice from people who knows about hobby BLDC motors like the ones used in drones or rc planes.

I have a 1000kv bldc motor that can be powered up to with 4s max…

There is a lot of contradictory info on the web…

Some say thay can be used as generator.
Some say that can, but you will get about 80% of the volts and amps it takes when using as motor..

Any idea?

At 16.8 volts (4s) it should get 16800 rpm and it gets less than 20amps full load.

So.. If I spin it at 16800 should I get something usable??

Anyone tried??

I know that the best bldc foe use as generator are the one with lowest kv.. But they are expensive…

Thanks in advance!

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Im not much of an electronics guy but I have seen folks that use those as generators with a drive wheel on a bicycle, takes something like a rectifier I belive to get usable power from it but you can run a small phone charger or bicycle headlight off of them.

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It will output 3 phase AC voltage.
BLDC motors are not actually DC.
You need to way of turning the 3 phase AC into DC if you want to charge anything.