E14/S41 vs Emisar D4 lowest output

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E14/S41 vs Emisar D4 lowest output

Probably an uncommon request, but I’m having trouble getting an idea of the D4’s lowest output compared to the Manker E14/E14 II and the Astrolux S41/2/3. It looks like the E14 is able to be programmed on moonlight between 0-5lm.

Anyone have beamshots or feedback on the lowest output of the D4 vs the E14/S41?

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I have a D4 ti and E14. Both unmodified. The E14 seems lower low but cooler colour temp. This is a quick phone snap. The difference in brightness seems a little closer than indicated in the picture. I am pretty sure the E14 is nichia but I don’t remember the D4. Hope this helps Smile

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I’d estimate moonlight on my D4 (219C version) at somewhere around 1 lumen. It should be capable of lower for those with the skills to replace the firmware with Anduril.

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By eyes, my stock Astrolux S41 with 219C (CRI90) is a tad dimmer than the Emisar D4 219CT (CRI80) so you might not base your choice upon this insignificant difference. Your UI preference, side e-switch vs tail clicky preference would be more relevant. The D4 is 1.8 cm shorter.
All my S41 were modified except one, very “modder flriendly” : unglued bezel, driver and button thick-retaining-rings (once tightened properly they won’t get loose).
Bought before the glue syndrome affecting our budget flashlight manufacturers of predilection.