Worth getting XHP35 HI thrower or wait for newer LEDs?

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Worth getting XHP35 HI thrower or wait for newer LEDs?

I have been looking to get a large thrower and have just about settled on the ThruNite TN42. My only hesitation is not knowing whether the XHP35 HI is outclassed to a significant degree by any of the newer LEDs that have recently become somewhat popular for throwers (like the black/white flat).

Before committing to purchasing the TN42, I wanted to kindly ask of those more knowledgeable than me: Is there any new LED that now outclasses the XHP35 HI enough to hold off purchasing the TN42 and rather wait for flashlights using newer LEDs?

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I see the TN42 as a high quality light that should serve capably for a very long time.

There will always be newer / bigger / better versions of everything coming out, from flashlights to computers to jet planes. That will go on forever.

My advice is to buy what will meet your needs and enjoy it. ‘The Best’ is never the same thing two days in a row.

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When you decided on TN42, buy. You will not regret. I do not see anything that was worth replacing TN42.
These are measurements of my copy:

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There is Osram Oslon Boost HX on the horizon. Hopefully double intensity, 2/3 output. If it performs as expected – it will outclass XHP35 HI but at the same time it won’t be strictly better. Aside from lower output it’s going to be much less efficient, especially near the peak.
We also don’t know when it will show up. Literally any day – and it has been “literally any day” for a few months already. It may take long before it shows up and even longer before flashlight makers incorporate it in their designs.

I join others in saying – don’t wait.

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Thank you all very much for your input. Really appreciate it. Beer

I’ve now gone ahead and ordered the TN42 in neutral white (the ~5600K should be great – thanks for the measurements, komeko). Can’t wait to receive it and have some serious throwing fun Big Smile . Hopefully I can get time for some beamshots to show it off too.

Thanks again!

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Different LEDs aren’t necessarily better or worse then what’s already in the TN42.

The black and white flat have less lumens and a smaller hotspot, but it does have more throw.

It’s really a matter of how much throw distance do you need and how big of a hotspot do you want?

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It all comes down to YOUR eyes too.

Me. 77yrs. I have Convoy L2. Convoy L6
and an old SkyRay King 9 x XM-L coke can.
(Plus a “few” others).

Reason I and others like me stop there?.

We CAN’T SEE any further.
No sense buying any stronger. Chuckle.
Go for it mate.
You can always buy again later. if/when. Better comes out.
When we were kids (early ’40’s) we used candles at night,
with gas lamps in gran’s lounge wall for lighting.
It’s come a looooong way.

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I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone for their input. It was invaluable in helping make my decision and feeling confident about it. I received my TN42 today and have had a chance to take it for a quick spin. It’s lighter than I expected and reasonably easy to carry, but obviously quite large. That said, I’m glad I didn’t get the GT, which I was also seriously considering, because I think it would have been far too unwieldy and would have sat on the shelf more than I’d like (but I still have the urge to maybe get the best of the best some day). The TN42 is a very impressive upgrade to my previous thrower, the Lumintop GT Mini, which is excellent for general use, but the TN42 just blows it away at 100+ meters (which yes Macka my eyes have a hard time keeping up with the TN42’s throw, haha).

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take any good beamshots and comparisons just now, but I’ll still share my one okay (albeit washed out and overexposed) phone photo (sorry, don’t have time to do any post correction either Facepalm ). The distance in the photo is probably about 100 meters. I should have taken a photo of lighting up the crane (which is probably another 50 or so meters farther) which the TN42 lit up superbly and the GT Mini really struggled to get much light on.

Thanks again everyone. Smile Beer