Solarforce L2t 5 YEAR carry update

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Solarforce L2t 5 YEAR carry update

LONG time no post, I figured Id post an update on my EDC light, the venerable Solarforce L2t, which I last reviewed HERE, over 5 years ago.

the anodizing is worn,

the clicky button could use a replacement too,

but otherwise, its still in remarkably good condition and works wonderfully.

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That looks like it’s been a reliable heavily used light!

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Another fine example for a quality product. Doesn’t look a day older than 1 year.
Too bad Solarforce has dropped the ball on flashlights… their website is on permanent sale now and it looks a lot like a liquidation sale.

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I have about 10 SF light and I love them.
Problem is, the flashlight industry is moving on with dual switches and battery indicators and stuff, while SF stays pretty basic.
Although their reliability is great. I had two of them falling from about 2m height during an earthquake and they have no problems whatsoever. Barely any scuffs as well. Used for underwater snorkeling numerous times too.

That being said, I don’t like their inconsistency of the black paint – some are matt, others are more like satin. And the different fonts used are also annoying a bit.

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Have this light sitting on my nightstand for years. Great light!