My life today, and I love BLF

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My life today, and I love BLF

Greetings my Dear BLF Friends..>>
This is my first message back to BLF and very hard to write but promise to do the best I can.
I am in fight for my life but doing real well so far.
Today I will complete first part of treatments.
Writing is exhausting.
I have many doctors and today will finish the last of this treatment which is Radiation, No.29 days
I decided to fight to death, and so far doing great, guess I’m setting records, ha
I have , brain cancer, many variety, go to Rad everyday, I have full body cancer, brain tumors, you name it I have it and bound to learn more,
Takes me over mnay hrs to write.

Good news though for all who will recall me,
good news is I promise I won’t talk so much like old days, I hope you’all will not throw mw out, I will be a good member, I promise…!!

Great friends
Always Remembered,, even dead
No jokes

T18 / Gary Tacoma Wa.

Please tell Dale D.B. Custom I still want him to build the last Ti EE from Rey, I pay everything for him and his brain, will be best light ever, and the last O.R.
A big deal to me my brother, I miss you all so much and that lathe, we ain’t done yet, many fights ti go…!!!

Edit: Quick comment , If anyone later see;s David Texas or even Amanda

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Best of luck for your full recovery.


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Hang on tight brother, we all have our own battles in one way or the other, bottom line, eventually the same destination for all of us.

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Fight with all you have, best wishes

Jack Kellar
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Just being able to write this is a huge victory already, T. Hang in there, buddy!

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Keep fighting. You will recover. We are sending you positve thoughts. Keep a few torches by your side for fighting the darkness.

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Keep it going buddy.
There are a lot of us ex sufferers with you.
Me. Bone Cancer and several Melanoma removals. Wife with Kidney out, Cancer.
and several others in same boat.

You Breathing. You ahead. Keep it going while you got it hey.

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Best wishes throughout your very tough battle ahead.

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Lots of luck with the fight, I hope there are still enough things to look forward to (like the Ti Reylight Smile )

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T18 that is a rather positive post considering the circumstances. Best wishes mate.

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Spot on Dj0zz, but i got messed just trying to figure out what is a telephone format and then the entire info for acounts changed, beats me , and then PayPay, oh brother
Ha Ha I feel so stupid at most time,
talk soon bro

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Sounds like you are giving this thing your best shot. Best of luck from another Cancer survivor, I remember how exhausted I was during my Chemo treatments.

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So sorry to hear of your misfortune.  I haven't chatted with you in ages, but I have always admired your intelligence, resourcefulness and honesty.  Hoping and praying you and your team whip those cancers into remission.  Please check in from time to time when you have the energy bro.

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T18, your exhibition of love, gratitude and joy under such difficult circumstances is inspiring. Thank you, and best wishes!

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Thank you good friends you all have been beyond so kind .. !

Hope to talk soon,

G. / T18

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I lost three people close to me to cancer and my friend, there are simply not enough words in the universe that I can put together to convey my sympathy and best wishes for you.


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How very humbling, life is so precious. Stay strong and remain positive

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Best of luck and hope you feel better soon Sad

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Your openness and positivity is amazing!

Stay strong

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Stay strong. And best wishes!

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so can bones.

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Stay strong T18 and all the best with the treatment.


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Hope the best for you

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Reading about people going through absolute hell like this, always puts things in a healthy perspective.
My sore back from a long hard days work, suddenly feels like nothing compared to this.

All the best to ya Beer

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Very sorry to hear of the pervasive cancer condition — wish you all the best in spirit and resolve to fight this battle and win. Beer

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Thinking of you.

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May the light of hope always shine for you Wise Man. Your fight have already made you a hero.