Which led best for Eagletac D3A Titanium

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Which led best for Eagletac D3A Titanium

Looking to get this torch which led is best for Eagletac D3A Titanium out of

Nichia 219C Neutral White/ XM-L2 Neutral White/ XM-L2 U4 Cool White/ XP-L HI Cool White/ XP-L HI Neutral White/


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I know you asked about tint, but FYI I just got one last week and returned it immediately due to sharp threading and severed o-rings. I understand this is not an uncommon problem on this model.

I asked for D25C Mk II Ti instead, as I am wanting a titanium light, though I would have rather had AA battery compatibility.

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Thanks for letting me know, i have had looked for the D25C Mk II Ti but is unavailable easily.

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IMHO unless you can verify the XPL NW is at least 80 CRI then I would go with Nichia.

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I just ordered one from Going Gear with the XM L2 U4, I can compare it to a coworkers D25A with the Nichia 219C as soon as it comes in.

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I like the LH351D 5000k 90 cri dedomed, slight rosy tint. I have not tried it in that particular light but like the results I got in a RRT-01. It would require swapping the emitter of coarse.

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I love the throw that the XP-L HI affords and the NW version looks very nice to my eye. The beam pattern is very nice and the low levels are adjustable so it doesn’t blind you for up close work. Note: If you end up getting one and don’t like how throwy it is you could always put a piece of scotch tape over the lens.

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 I don't have the XPL Hi NW but I would choose it if I had to. I have XPL Hi 4000k and 6500k in other lights both are good but I like the 4000k much more 

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