Convoy UV 365 Nichia vs LG

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Convoy UV 365 Nichia vs LG

So I have the Nichia version and it’s ok, but I saw that there’s a LG version that is supposed to have 5W of power. Nichia has 3W.
Does anyone have the LG version? Does it provide more UV light?
Is the LG led better than Nichia?

What’s weird is that Nichia 3W is more expensive in their store on Ali:

Gray Convoy S2 LG UV 365nm flashlight ,LEUVA33W70RL00 LED ,7135*5 one 100% mode,zwb2 filter installed$21

Convoy S2+ black UV 365nm led flashlight ,nichia 365UV in side ,OP reflector,Fluorescent agent detection$25

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I can’t answer your question on the output of each, but the LG comes with the filter pre-installed as well.

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The correct answer is buy all of them and report back Silly

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simple answer the Nichia LED is more expensive

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I have the nichia and tried to order the other, but they will not ship to the US.
There is a thread on why
The LG throws more light but a percentage of that light is blocked by the filter so it is wasted. There are some pics of each on a different thread. It is hard to measure output because the meters usually do not see these frequencies either. Seemed like they have similar outputs and do not heat up too bad if used normally in short bursts.
Feel free to do a side by side comparison and post it.

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So I got the LG one as well and I can compare them now.
The LG version is brighter. It’s not a huge difference but it’s noticeably brighter.
And the copper head thing on the LG is smaller than on the Nichia. Wires from the LED are slightly thicker.