[Interest & Feasibility Check] Sofirn SP10S "BLF edition" with Andúril

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Looking forward to this becoming a reality.

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I would add one to my collection. Can’t see carrying it everyday due to the side switch. I manage to turn on my tail switches in my pocket. Guess how I figure that out.

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Throwing in my 2¢ (adjusted for inflation)…


I’d be okay with 14500 only, but alkaleak/NiMH compatibility would be nice for the muggle.

Dunno what the fascination is with “clear”, but to me it looks kinda cheap. Stick with black/red/blue. I got a “clear” or “silver” or whatever ‘32v2, which is nice, sure, but I still prefer my Mystery Color ones.

Dunno what’s wrong with the UI. I got a couple of the original A version (just l/m/h, no firefly), and B versions (f/l/m/h), and they’re fine. No complaints. The gf loves hers, no complaints either, but might not like too complex a UI.

I got a GTmicro, played with it, it’s nice, but it’s still sitting in a box. Last thing I want is a click-on/click-off light in my pocket that can set my pants on fire or at least burn my crotchal area if the light accidentally gets turned on.

And for the love of B’harni (pbuh!), get a decent non-chrome deep-carry clip, not the typische cheap-looking (even if quite sturdy) Thorfire/Sofirn clips. They grab and hold just fine, but look like an afterthought. “Whoa! We forgot to add a clip! Here throw a bunch of these Generic Clips in the production bin and see if they’ll fit…”

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An AA/14500 Anduril-based flashlight with high-CRI LH351D would be interesting.

Hope the AA/14500 hurdle will be overcome.

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Interested, if BLF code could work on Nimh, seems worth the challenge alone.

(Thank you for any one directly helping, wish I could contribute)

Also thinking ahead to a AAA sub-70mm light using Anduril, Imagine C01s with ramping.

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The problem lies with how boost converters work... At turn in they have to start up the boost controller ic, it has to energize the coil, the coil has to saturate and only then will there be output [obviously extremelty simplified] . Those things don't happen instantaneously and doesn't coincide well with square wave pwm that BLF firmware all uses as the output from the MCU.

I've looked into this a lot, needing very similar specs. at work as we would need for the flashlight hobby as well. I never found one suitable boost controller (1.2v in / ~4v out, >2A, PWM dimming) that meets all needs. Hell I only ever found one or two that met the first two requirements, ignoring being pwm dimmable! Sadly not much is designed to run off single NiMH...

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If it happen count me in.

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Interested. Big Smile

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From what I can gather the SP10B uses an XC9104 as the main booster – output PWMed via FET not sure about that, but PWMed in some way – plus what I believe is an ME2188 as the auxiliary booster (always running, no-load input current in the range of 10µA) for the control circuitry.

Adapting Anduril to run on this shouldn’t be too hard, it would be 1-channel PWM only (though one could probably do proper moonlight off the aux supply and a dedicated pin+ resistor).

@Toykeeper – this would make use of that control pin we talked about in the FSM thread, remember? I know that Lexel knows what I mean Big Smile

If Sofirn were to keep the boost circuitry – it seems to do a fairly good job at regulation – then 14500 and AA should work fine. But you’d have to come up with some way of doing the LVP for 2 different chemistries (and this would have to use the old-school voltage divider of course)

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Yes, please … Smile

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Intrested for sure, would love one with a Samsung LH351D 5.000K 90CRI

And bring back the OP reflector ! Big Smile

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trakcon wrote:
Interested! I’m hopeful for high CRI 3500k-4500k with Anduril.
14500 is fine with me.

My sentiments exactly.
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OP is updated. Thanks a lot for all your contribution here. Thumbs Up

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ToyKeeper wrote:
It sounds like the main hurdle for this project is a matter of electrical engineering, finding a way for BLF code to run on an AA boost driver. Anyone got info about how to do that? Or even detailed info about the driver used on the current model?

There are ways… but it would take some doing. I’m no EE, but I have played with small boost circuits for my illuminated tailcaps that can run off an AA or 14500.

I’ve used the TPS61099x (such as the TPS610993) to boost the voltage to a given output (eg: 3.0V) regardless of the input voltage. Runs fine down to 0.7V and will switch to pass-through mode if the input voltage exceeds the desired output voltage, so it’ll handle AA and li-ions just fine. Then use that boosted voltage as the input to any of our ATtiny’s. This chip is tiny, and works with just a few external components (also tiny). Very efficient and very low IQ.

Another option is one that I’ve never played with before, and you don’t see much talk about… the ATtiny43U. It has a built-in voltage boost circuit, though you’d still need the external inductor and capacitors (MC webpage, design guidelines).

This is all just providing a small amount of boosted juice for the ATtiny itself. This wouldn’t be for boosting the LED juice… just controlling the circuit that does so.

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Interested only if it is AA compatible.
Several units in individual orders or two units maximum per order.

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In depending on the price maybe nichia option too and how about red/orange leds indicators under the switch and Fully Copper? Titanium maybe?  


Nichia 219B

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Can you check with Barry et al about the possibility of TIR optics? I’m unsure of the use-cases people may have for it, but in a smaller host, I’d assume it’d be for closer-up work rather than throw, so smoothing the beam out with TIR might be good.

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Sure, I'll ask him. Smile

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Very interested!

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Thanks mate!

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Interested in 1.

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