Sofirn SP70 BLF Edition Development Thread

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BMS meaning Battery Management System.

It would mean your 2 26650 batteries would be shrink wrapped together with the BMS that will monitor the voltage of each cell making sure neither over charges or over discharges. Most folks don’t like this option because the flashlight manufacturer is the one who chooses what battery is used and how much it costs (usually a lot). It’s also likely they will discontinue the battery pack after a couple years and you will be stuck with an obsolete flashlight. Some people don’t mind battery packs because it’s convenient to recharge it, but most folks prefer separate batteries.

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Well, sort of…. almost like saying a ’67 Shelby Cobra is an undesirable obsolete vehicle just because they don’t make them anymore. lol

Put whatever cells you want to use in place of the proprietary battery pack, just don’t use the charger… Wink My SR-90 Intimidator uses a pair of TrustFire 32650’s. Much higher capacity, much better current flow. I have an XHP-70.2 in it now.