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Horde is complete

So my 18650 extender arrived for my Solarforce L2M today… Which means I can now install my M31W with 2xAA nimh! That makes for the following collection (of 2xAA)

Solarforce L2M/extended 2AA and Malkoff M31W
Malkoff MDC 2AA/VME with M31/219C
Surefire C3-HA with Malkoff M31W (still the original tailcap but I do have a mcclicky that I have resisted installing!)
Fenix L2Tv2.0 (with heads in xpg NW, 219C and XPL HI 80+cri)
Zanflare F2
Sofirn SF31
Dereelight Javelin (host only ATM)
Soon to arrive Jaxman M2
And of course a couple minimags, one with the venerable MJLED and one with a Nichia GS.
Suppose I should include the old Princeton Tec Solo headlamp with an MJLED PR drop in… but thats tucked away in an emergency kit.

I actually prefer 1AA and 1AAA but for some reason just can’t resist a nice 2AA. Better runtime and output than AA but still able to use affordable and convenient cells. I’m considering picking up another space for the L2M to try and run a 4xAA so I can use it with some other drop ins. 4xAA is 200mm where 3×18650 is 195mm. Close but close enough?

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Now you need the Streamlight that takes 3 AA's

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