What LEDs do Philips bulbs use?

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What LEDs do Philips bulbs use?

I noticed that Philips E27 Axx bulbs are pretty reliable. Other brands I had die out after a few weeks/months.
Does anybody know what kind of LEDs they use?

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Not sure about the emitter type but I equipped my house with the very overpriced Hue ecosystem and the tint is extremely nice, specially the 3rd gen hue color and the 2nd gen light strip.

I still chose hue system even though each dimmable A19 bulb costs 10X vs a regular dimmable led bulb because of how nicely it integrates into my Apple homekit. Really can’t remember the last time I flipped a physical light switch.

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I assume their products use all or mostly Lumileds, since that used to be a division within Philips until they sold a majority stake of it to another company.

Probably more importantly for the sake of reliability, Philips probably makes better quality drivers for their bulbs.

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The LEDs themselves won’t be damaged unless the current exceeds their rating or the heatsinking ability, that shouldn’t happen in a bulb where there are many LEDs to share the load (it could happen in a flashlight). The failure mode would be reduced brightness and darker areas.

What usually fails is the driver. That will make the bulb not turn on at all or severe flickering.

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Someone did a “teardown” of a Philips Hue…the emitters looked very distinctly like Luxeon Rebels. Keep in mind, factors such as the driver quality and heat sinking just as ,if not more, important given the reliability of emitters from all competent manufacturers. Philips does produce the Advance range of drivers that other companies like Leotek and Holophane use in their street lights, so they do have a reputation and experience in the industry already. Their drivers get pretty sophisticated and can actually be programmed in the field with a laptop, and that’s for street lights. Once you get past that then you can start talking about things like color maintenance over the life of the fixture, but what you might’ve been most likely experiencing was the quality driver.

I wish to add, with consumer grade products such as these, manufacturer specs. are changing all the time with no notice to the public. There’s no particular guarantee that you’ll get the same driver/heatsinking setup in the future. Manufacturers look to cut costs, and stripping out the heatsinking is an easy way to do so.