[Review] YLP Gryphon G18 ( Triple XP-G2 , Rechargeable ) - Nicely regulated :)

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[Review] YLP Gryphon G18 ( Triple XP-G2 , Rechargeable ) - Nicely regulated :)

The Gryphon G18  was sent to me by YLP for review,
You can also visit YLP's BLF thread to get a coupon code: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/66157

The light arrived in a nice black cardboard box.

A short description of the flashlight's features is listed in the back side of the box.

Both the flashlight and the accessories are seated inside foam for added protection.

The accessories included are an adjustable wrist band, a replacement o-ring, a replacement charging port cover and a metal clip.

The flashlight comes with a black matte anodization and some curling around the body and tail.
As seen, it's e-switch operated, with the swtich mounted on the head.

Opposite the side switch, one finds the microUSB charging port which is protected by a rubber flap.

The e-switch is very tactile and is covered by a vivid orange boot.

The indicator LED installed into it lights up while charging.

The polished aluminum bezel helps protecting the triple optics.

By default, the flashlight comes with 3 x 4000K XP-G2 emitters.
The tint of the flashlight is probably the best I have seen produced out of an XP-G2.

It's worth noting that the head/body assembly is glued together.
For maximal efficiency, the driver is using a metal tab as the positive contact.

The tails' threads are anodized and square cut.

The tail includes a heavy duty copper spring as well as strong magnet.

The built-in charging interface is using a regular microUSB port.
My tests showed the the maximum charging current is around 1A.

It's very convenient that the manufacturer also included a 18650 cell with the flashlight.
After further inspection, the cell is a Samsung 26E.

The cell comes with built-in protection and it's button top.


After a couple of full charge-discharge cycles, the capacity of the battery turned out to be 2784mAh which is more than the manufacturer's rating.

User Interface
The G18 uses one of the simplest and most convenient e-switch firmwares.
Here's all the supported actions:

Turn on/off: Single press.
Mode cycle: Long press (Low > Mid > High > Low > ... )
High: Double press from anywhere.
Moonlight: Long press while off.
Strobe: Double click and long press from anywhere.

Mode memory can be toggled on and off.

In order to get my measurements I used the included Samsung 26H cell.
Here's each power level along with the current draw and light output.

I also measured the parasitic drain at 29μΑ, which is excellent.

And here's G18's High compared to my other flashlights:

My measurements showed that indeed the flashlight can output its rated brightness.


Here's a graph I created after running the flashlight on Turbo for 43mins.
The flashlight was left standing during the test - no cooling was applied.

High mode is retained for 8 mins and afterwards the flashlight steps down to 45%.
As with all YLP flashlights, the G8 is very well regulated.

It's worth noting that the flashlight didn't turn off at the 43 min mark, I just run out of time Big Smile
During the test, the head never got too hot to touch / handle.
It's pretty safe to assume that medium is fully sustainable for the whole span of the battery.

Todo: Add indoor / outdoor pictures

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