Olight Seeker 2 Pro review (3200lm, 3xCree XP-L HD CW,21700 customized)

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Olight Seeker 2 Pro review (3200lm, 3xCree XP-L HD CW,21700 customized)


Welcome to my review of the Olight Seeker 2 Pro.

Link to the flashlight page on Olight website

Technical details:

Well, looks impressive, especially the amount of bundled accessories.

Lеts start

The light comes in fairy small carton box. The box can be used to store the light during usage.

Once you actually open the box you see the initial charging instructions.

The light comes with a mounting kit, that also charges the light. The kit can be held against the wall with adhesives (2 sets included) or using the included bolts.

In another small carton box you have the charging cable (that can also be used to charge other Olight models). The magnetic cable can be attached to the flashlight or the mount. Even cable holders, in order to keep all looking nice are included.

Link to the user manual PDF

User manual.

The light comes with a really nice holster. It looks like it was made especially for this light, can be attached just to about anything as well.

And here is the actual light. Well, it looks impressive and the size if just right. Not too big, and certainly not too small.

The quality is great, as usual from Olight. When checked with DMM, you can measure the battery voltage. But, short circuiting the contacts does nothing (if the flashlight is on it stays on), and also works under water.

And here are some bad news. The flashlight uses highly customized 21700 battery. The battery can only be charged in the flashlight, and regular 21700 can’t be charged in the flashlight. You can see the internal contacts in the flashlight, and the tailcap.

Well, one of the nicest things in the flashlight, the control and indication. No more guessing the mode, no more guessing the battery level – now all is very clear, the indication leds state the mode and the battery level very clearly. The indicators don’t stay lit all the time, they come off after about 5 seconds. Another funny thing, they PWM badly, so I think that their impact on the battery in negligible.

The controls are just like in any of the recent Olight flashlight, except now you also see the brightness level with the led’s.

Pressing the button and keeping it pressed will turn on the light in the lowest mode. Keeping it pressed a little on will turn on the electronic lockout of the light.
A short press on the power button will turn on the light in the last mode that it was left (except turbo and strobe).
A double click from any mode will turn on the turbo mode. A tripple click will turn on the blinking mode.

The flashlight has some nice silicone inserts, so it’s easy to hold even when it’s hot.
Durings tests I measured a temperature of 62 degrees celsius on the head of the flashlight.

Well, as expected it’s a pleasure to use. The hotspot is huge, and so is the sidespill. The minimal level is very much usable (not too dim), and allows you to also see what happens around you.


Well, the light is just great. The experience of using the flashlight is great, the light comes with a lot of accessories as well. The only drawback that I can think of is the customized 21700 battery.

Regards, thanks for reading

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Thanks for the review . Bought one and really like it .

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I am glad you liked the review. There is not much not too like in the flashlight, for my opinion.