Sofirn / Thorfire C8S (versus other C8 types) reflector size?

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Sofirn / Thorfire C8S (versus other C8 types) reflector size?

Recently finished a C8S build with a host I bought long ago. Its reflector, though, isn't fully operational. I think I cleaned it with denatured ethyl alcohol in the past and that damaged it (also killed a couple S2 and S2+ reflectors in the same way, so no more reflector cleaning with alcohol). At a quick glance it may be unnoticed but I can see the damage by my naked eye over the slightly dulled reflector surface, the beam from the flashlight has a symmetrically non-uniform halo around the hotspot, before it shifts into the dimmer spill part.

I've measured my C8S reflector with my cheap Aneng caliper: ∅41.2 × 32.1mm (∅9mm inner hole). May some of you share your reflector sizes? The reflector height thing worries me, every single reflector I see in the usual sites is claimed to be 31 or 31.5mm tall. I need my new reflector to be no shorter than what I already have, I was planning on getting this smooth reflector from FastTech.

Thanks for sharing.