[Review] - Magicshine MJ906B - Bluetooth 3200 lumen 7.2V 5200mAh - by Lock

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[Review] - Magicshine MJ906B - Bluetooth 3200 lumen 7.2V 5200mAh - by Lock

Hi everyone!!! Today we will see the Magicshine MJ906B: a powerful bike flashlight with dedicated battery pack and with the particularity of being able to be configured and controlled by any Android and iOS smartphone using Bluethoot technology. At the following link you can find information on the parent company while here it is possible to see in detail the product. The flashlight was sent by Magicshine specifically for review.

Packaging and content
The Magicshine MJ906B comes in a rigid cardboard box with some of the main features of the product printed on it. Inside the package there are:
• MJ906B flashlight
• 7.2V 5200mAh Battery Pack
• 2x Velcro straps for the battery pack
• Connection plug
• O-ring
• Micro-USB charging cable
• User Manual

Main features
• Uses 5x Cree XM-L2 LEDs
• Output Max. 3200 lm
• Battery Pack 7.2V 5200mAh (4pcs LG 18650)
• Output 5V / 2A powerbank function
• Operated via Bluetooth Androi or Apple
• 5 normal levels + 3 special levels
• Output adjustable from 0-100%
• 20 degree beam exit angle
• Flashlight size: 56 x 43 x 50 mm
• Flashlight weight: 91.5g
• Battery pack dimensions: 188 x 42.5 x 30 mm
• Battery Pack Weight: 287g
• Body in anti-scratch anodised aluminum
• High efficiency circuit for a constant current supply
• Wide and comfortable silicone switch, user-friendly interface for output management.
• Ultra clear TIR lens
• Waterproof IPX4

Output Levels and Runtime
The Magicshine MJ906B arrives at the factory with output modes set to 100% 75% 50% 20% and Strobo levels. However the outputs can be easily reprogrammed using any smartphone with app Android or iOS.

The flashlight has 4 pre-programmed lighting modes: constant light, SOS, Flash and signaling (Double quick flash). Each mode can be set with a custom brightness level between 0 and 100% and saved on the application, ready to be used when needed. Furthermore, different profiles can be created, with different output sets, based on each specific need.

After having configured the switch will no longer manage the factory settings but those saved on the mobile device.

The connection to Bluetooth is very simple. Just power the flashlight, open the application on the smartphone with the active BT and start pairing the devices. Once paired the flashlight will be ready to be configured, you can choose one of the saved modes, and it can be directly controlled by the smartphone.

Following the runtime curve on the "High" Level

The body and the materials
The Magicshine MJ906B is light and compact and was born to be used on the handlebars of a bicycle. The kit includes flashlight, battery pack with relative fastening strap bands, connection cables and rubber o-rings for attachment to the handlebar.
The flashlight equipped with 5x XM-L2 Cool White LEDs able to deliver 3200 lumens to the turbo. The multilent is TIR for a well focused beam with an opening angle of about 20 degrees

On the head there are deep dissipation fins that allow excellent heat dispersion especially when the flashlight is used on high levels.

Anodizing is perfect, smooth and opaque.

The MJ906B has an ectronic rubber switch, very large, quite protruding and for activation requires a fair amount of pressure. It offers excellent feedback and good grip to the touch.

The battery pack consists of 4x18650 LG cells (non-removable) connected together in series and in parallel (2P2S) with an output of 7.2V and a capacity of 5200mAh.
This also acts as a powerbank thanks to the 5V / 2A USB output. A series of status LEDs show the remaining capacity of the cell:
• Three LEDs lit, charge between 100% and 65%
• Two LEDs lit, charge between 64% and 30%
• One led on, charge between 30% and 10%
• A led flashing: charge less than 10%
A rubber cap protects the USB interfaces from water and dirt.
A small button next to the Micro-USB port lets you turn on or turn off the flashlight power.

At the other end we have the connection interface instead. A proprietary cable allows the power supply to be carried from the battery pack to the flashlight.

The lower part of the battery pack is rubberized to have a good grip on the bike frame. Two holes allow the passage of tear strips to lock the battery pack.

The installation of the flashlight on the handlebar is very simple and is done very quickly, in fact it is enough to place the flashlight and use the thick rubber O-ring to lock it. The seal is good also because the flashlight of the rubber parts that in contact with the handlebar guarantee an excellent grip. Hardly the flashlight will rotate or move from the installation position

The flashlight is programmable and can be controlled from a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Here is the kit mounted on the bike ...

... here are some Nightshot ...

Final considerations
The MJ906B is an interesting bicycle flashlight with innovative features: the most interesting aspect is certainly the fact that it can be configured, manage the various outputs directly from the dedicated application using Bluetooth technology.

The power is good, the maximum level allows to light the road up to 30-40m. For normal driving, at an average speed of 15-30km/h, the level at 40/50% of power is sufficient.

The runtime is excellent thanks to the presence of a high performance 7.2V 5200mAh battery pack. The adjustment is good, the dissipation is excellent thanks to the deep dissipation fins on the flashlight body.

The factory set User interface is simple and based on 5 levels but there is the possibility of being able to configure the interface at will, with a completely customizable number of outputs and intensity. It is also possible to save different custom modes on the application and recall them with a click when needed.

The battery pack also has a powerbank function thanks to the USB 5V / 2A output it is equipped with.
The installation of the kit takes place very quickly. The flashlight is fixed via an o-ring while the battery pack is fitted with tear bands.
The tint of the beam is cold, around 6500K, the beam quite regular despite the TIR multi-lens.

Things to improve: using more efficient LEDs like XP-L or XP-G2, creating a battery pack with removable cells and using a neutral color.
For all the rest, nothing to say, it's a valid and quality product, definitely to recommend !!!

Thanks for reading ...

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Pity it is only offroad light, not StVZO.

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