Looking for low cost 18650s shipped to Canada ASAP.

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Looking for low cost 18650s shipped to Canada ASAP.

I am in need of about 20 to 30+ low-cost 18650 cells, that can be shipped to Canada. These do not need to be high-current or high-capacity, i’m looking for general use cells at around 1800 to 2000 mAh per cell for a project, (looking for either a supplier here in Ontario Canada, or a place/seller that can ship to here. (can buy a larger number if the price per cell is good. They can be even good, tested laptop pulls with the 1800 ~ 2000 mAh tested rating. They do not need to be button tops.

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You want https://18650canada.com/

It is run by the redditor john1deere.

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Maybe buy a replacement lap top battery pack on Amazon? Some are as low as $20 .