Nitecore HC60 died

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Nitecore HC60 died

gifted a friend one for Xmas two years ago and he loves it. uses it around the house and when out RV’ing so lite use. got it out this spring and it was dead! original nitecore battery with a full charge, tried new samsung unprotected button top as well, no go. when trying the built-in usb charger, no joy, no lights. nitecore is will to fix for free if he sends it to china. any suggestions? i hesitate to pull off the cover to get at the circuit board beneath for fear of voiding the warranty. TIA

btw: my daughter is a triple crowner solo “thru hiker” to the tune of ~8,000 miles and she loves the one i gave her and it still works great after over 3,200 miles of trail use.