AliExpress now requires login just to view item pages

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leftdisconnected wrote:
AgentSteel wrote:
No need for complicated JS/CSS injection!

An easier way to filter unwanted web content is offered by µblock origin (extension for Firefox, Chrome/Chromium browsers), it’s easy to “right-click > Block element…” the annoying thingies in a web page…

Yes, but in my experience uBO only removes the element temporarily and does not “remember” to block each zapped element. I’ve used uBO since it was split from uBlock and would like it to remember zapped elements, so please correct me if I’m using it wrong Smile .

Yes, the sticky trend has reminded many of us of the whole Frames/iFrames fiasco and I cannot fathom how the website designers thought floaty, sticky elements would be a good idea after the historical hatred for frames.

Good to see I’m not the only one who hates these things. On some sites, they simply pop up an arrow in the lower-right corner that returns you to the top of the page. This may be somewhat useful on devices without keyboard shortcuts to return to the top, but even this rather “tasteful” sticky sometimes gets in the way, especially on screens with less real estate. What insane person would need full-time links to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Russian Facebook (why did they try to copy Facebook so obviously?) as they scroll down an AX item page?

Oh, and I would /accept/ a compromise where the “X” button on AliExpress’es side sticky actually closed the entire sticky and this choice was saved as part of the site cookie and restored on all future pages. While I’m dreaming, I’d also like a pony and a billion dollars.

I’m not quite as picky as you are (Kill Sticky is good enough for me), but it sounds like you could also make use of uMatrix, if you don’t already. But it requires some investment and has somewhat of a learning curve.

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I later figured out how to block these elements with uBlock Origin, so my experience has improved. I did try to use uMatrix for awhile, but I didn’t grok the concept as easily as uBO and I found very little documentation to help me understand it. I do understand the basic layout and that you can block individual sources for each site (or universally), but I’m not usually sure how to get the behavior that I want from it Sad .

Thanks for suggesting it, though, as it may help someone here and perhaps they can then explain its more advanced feature to me Wink .