Review: Nitecore TIP 2 vs Nitecore TIP

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Review: Nitecore TIP 2 vs Nitecore TIP

Nitecore Tube, TIP, Tiny, recently released Nitecore TUP – the manufacturer does not stop and fill the segment of built-in battery keylight with decent products. Here is the update of the very popular TIP, stated to be twice as birght as predecessor, being the same size.



Package and appearance

The flashlight is not cheap , and this difference is reflected in the packaging. As a rule, last one is quite simple, but in the case of TIP2 the packaging is no worse than full-size flashlights have. Moreover, Nitecore usually use this black box for top models, leaving the usual ones with regular black and yellow boxes

The flashlight itself looks good. This is a black aluminum brick with a pair of LEDs. The design is minimalistic but nice.

And it is completely different from what the first version looked like. Here, see for yourself. The dimensions remained virtually unchanged. The body is thick-walled (relative to the overall size) and the flashlight is pleasantly weighty with seemingly small 38g. There is no feeling that you are holding a hollow toy in your hand. Below are the relative dimensions in inches. In the usual metric system, this is 62.6 × 26.9 ×13.4 mm.

As in the organic world, one of the main differences is under the tail -)

At one time, immediately after the release, the mass of negative feedback toweard TIP was about open charging port. After that, the manufacturer began to sell protective clips separately, and then to regularly equip TIP with them. In this regard, the construction TIP2 is rather interesting. The cover of the charging connector is tight, I would even say tightly, it sits on a pair of magnets, closing the connector securely. In addition to protecting the connector, this makes it possible, in case of need, to immediately remove the keylight from carabiner and use it separately, without a heap of attached keys.

Of course, of course there are potential drawbacks in this:
1) it may happen that the TIP2 is hooked on something in your pocket and you take out only the cover. Although, since the body is smooth, the chances that this will happen I see a bit. I repeat, tailcap holds very tight.
2) such a keypad should be kept away from everything that can be damaged by magnets – credit cards and some kind of electronics.

there is a 500mah prismatic battery inside, you can see a simplified image of internals in the promotional picture. So, it is clear that the flashlight is not disassembleable. In principle, this should not be a problem, since the Nitecore warranty is very long, and if something happens, then it will be within warranty.

As before, you can use a removable plastic clip. For example, attach the keypad to a baseball cap or pocket.

At the top there are a couple of buttons, everything is unchanged here: the power button and the mode button. Yes, unfortunately, during the tests, I scratched the mode button when I tried to fix it in the down position to keep turbo mode on for runtime test. Out of the box, of course, everything looked nice.

In the role of optics, there is a pair of XP-G3 S3 LEDs hidden behind the TIR. This LED is a common solution for keylight. Let me remind you that there was still TIP CRI, who knows, maybe TIP2 CRI will also appear if the base model will sell well.


Very simple and in many aspects similar to UI of past models. But it is important to note that there is no lock-out mode. This is a clear omission. In past two-button models, Nitecore has brought management to a very comfortable and intuitive, really user-friendly level level. I do not see any reason for which the manufacturer deliberately curtailed UI here.


CW, as you may expect. But, not that really cold white like 6500k.

It ist greenish at the perimeter. However, I think that for the keylight all these artifacts of color rendering are excusable. Personally, i dont care about them. Both LEDs are focused on a single point. In the turbo hotspot is no longer visible at a distance of more than 40 cm, light distribution gets really floody here, convenient to work in near range. Exactly what you want from keylight in most of cases.

To heap, look relative to the previous model. Nitecore TIP2 vs Nitecore TIP.

Difference in HIGH mode is less visible, comparing to turbo

Charging current is decently high for such a capacity, i expected less. According to the tester, capacity was somewhere around 570mah, which, taking into account the losses during charging, allows us to say that the capacity corresponds to the declared one.

 By the way, you can connect paverbank and fully work from it.


In HIGH, the flashlight warms no higher than the comfort temperature. Similarly, in TURBO, here you can see the effect of triggering thermoregulation. Minute during cold start and 20 seconds that way when the body gets hot, immediately after the brightness drop from the previous launch is definitely a good result for this type of flashlight. And in terms of brightness and duration, TURBO is definitely enough to consider everything you need for everyday purposes. For the flashlight – excellent results.

I`m really glad to see fully stabilized HIGH. 200 lumens for an hour and a half is more than good at these size.

Modes spacing is convenient. I can’t find fault here.

Well, look how the flashlight shines. I shot pics at only two locations that fully reflect what this flashlight is capable of. Yes, and usually one will use keylight in such distances .

MID is ample room type room. 8 hours is a very good working time.

HIGH, you can safely go out for an evening walk, you will definitely have enough light to shine under your feet and sides on all its continuation. Indoors gives more than enough light.

TURBO gives as much light as the usual full-size EDC flashlight, clearly seen in the example of a convoy s2+ .dont expect real throw here, no surprise, the flashlight gives a solid flood light instead . But, here in the examples of work you can clearly see that within a radius of about 20 meters, it fully illuminates everything around. I believe that, let it be a short-time regime, but such brightness will be enough for absolutely all ordinary everyday situations.

Well, in the video review, you can see more clearly how the flashlight works.


In general, as the bright keylight Nitecore TIP 2 was a good continuation of the Nitecore TUP, where the maximum brightness did not become a marketing bullet. Nitecore TIP2 is fully consistent as a source of bright light without loss of runtime and is not larger than the first model.

Appearance and packaging are good, you buy it as a gift for someone. it doesnt look cheap at all.

 I hope that Nitecore will release the HiCri version. That way 500 lumens from a couple of Nichias may actually be of interest to that part of the audience that is interested in the quality of light more than in brightness. And i also hope that in next batch, manufacturer will add lock-out mode, i believe that`ll require minor work.

+ brightness
+ stabilization
+ working thermoregulation
+ convenient management
+ good work duration
+ the appearance of the flashlight and packaging.

- no lock-out mode
- many will push the price tag. On the other hand, with such a scenario, there is a TIP, which is still bright, but already definitely more affordable.

"How to choose flashlight, Main thing in simple words":

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i will reupload this video in some minutes. have to fix some things that i didnt notice.

nevertheless, glad that you keep an eye on my channel )

"How to choose flashlight, Main thing in simple words":

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Thanks for this very thorough review. I was so close to buying this EDC flashlight, but, had to abort. First, I don’t like the emitters they chose. Sacrificing a little output for a better quality tint would be a smart move. Nitecore already recognizes this and had made a TIP CRI… No TIP2 CRI? But the real down kicker for me is no lockout. The lockout issue on the TIP was a real failure. The first time around they had some kind of programming issue, so that there was a high parasitic drain. And for some reason, it foiled the battery status info, so you’d not even be aware of it until your light stopped working. Rather than fix this, and do it right as other companies have, they decided to upgrade the casing for a “shell” that would clip on and help guard the buttons from accidental activation (thus no electronic lockout employed). That’s a weak approach. They do electronic lockout fairly well with other lights — I use it on my EC4GT with no issues. Higher than average parasitic drain, but not terrible. They could’ve used the same programming here, especially since there are 2 buttons (same design).

Recent discount codes have gotten the price down to even lower than $30 USD… which is attractive, but I feel reticent to buy it with this glaring lockout issue.