Wuben TO46R with Nichia 219c Emitters 90+ CRI

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Wuben TO46R with Nichia 219c Emitters 90+ CRI

Doing some searches I didn’t come up with any recent posts on the TO46R. It is now available with 3x Nichia 219c emitters (instead of XP-G3) and the beam is very nice and, to my untrained eye, certainly looks like 90+ CRI as is claimed and I don’t see any green. Nice, “neutral, slightly warm”, and floody. Was $43 after taxes on Amazon US. Really seems like a quality light. I just went for it as I did not have a Wuben light and I have never been disappointed with any of the several Nichia lights now in my possession.

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I have it. It’s a GREAT performing light. Crazy bright and a nice big spot which I prefer. But I really don’t like the side switch. I actually hate it. It’s so hard to find without looking down to locate it. It’s tough to “feel” it. It actually aggravates me every time I turn it on and off. I can’t see how anyone thinks the side switch design is a good one. Other than that, the beam and tint is perfection.