[M4D deal] FW3T Titanium Stonewashed - Interest list open

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Yes the all Cu one would be the coolest running of all of them, but you would also have the softest metal of all (I personally wouldn’t want to drop it on a hard surface as it would dent/scratch easily) But I think you are right saying “the mass is just too small”
IMO the Ti one would probably be better run in the muggle mode, that way it wouldn’t overheat and still having heat protection for backup, all Ti custom lights have fairly low output compared to Alu/copper, anyway most get Ti for coolnessbulletproofnessarmagedoness Big Smile

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Got a polished ti ordered. Hopefully there isn’t a wait on the polished like there is for the stonewashed. Does anyone know if the polished are shipping yet?

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I put an order in for a Polished Ti on 8/7/2019 and it has not yet shipped. It’s getting pretty close to the estimated ship date for the stonewashed, which is 8/20/2019.

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anonymous_user wrote:
Glenn7 wrote:
I thought about getting the Ti/Cu one too but in reality you will only get an extra 5 seconds maybe in boosted time before it throttles back once the Cu is saturated in heat

Would having the all-copper FW3C make significant difference or is the mass of the flashlight just too small?

I don’t plan on using the turbo much so maybe I can get away with an all Titanium build?

Oh well, for me if I need almost 3,000 lumens of illumination for a long period I wouldn’t be using my FW3A at all but some other light.

It’s simply too much requirement for this little baby.