Does the perfect flashlight for me exist? You're my only hope BLF

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Does the perfect flashlight for me exist? You're my only hope BLF

I’ve recently been buying far too many Sofirn and Astrolux torches, mostly thanks to this forum.. Love the SP36 BLF and SP70.

However I want to get my parents / inlaws some good torches and those aren’t really suitable.

So ideally what I’m after is a torch (doesn’t have to be Sofirn) that has the following characteristics… does this perfect torch exist? Basically a lighter single battery version of the SP36?

USB chargeable.
Good flood, doesn’t need to throw hundreds of meters.
Lithium ion battery, eg 18650, 26650 etc.
Long battery life.


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There is the Convoy M3, only thing it doesn’t have USB plug. For the money, it’s hard to beat.



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Astrolux S43S?

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SP32A if you can get by without USB cable charging

SC31 if “ramping” is less important than being rechargable

Both use single 18650

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Just an update, and thanks for your comments.. Smile

I decided to skip the Convoy as USB charging was a biggy, these are going to old people who’ll forget to take the batteries out and charge them separately.

I went ahead and ordered a Astrolux S43S, plus a 18650 tube.. so will be keen to see what that’s like..

I’ve got a SC31 and an SP32A, but already had more SP32A on order as I did like those, despite the separate charger required.

Still keen on any other recommendations though..

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Got my brother (muggle) an S43. After getting past the instruction booklet, suited his needs very well. Always stunned at the the turbo output. Gets hot fast, so feels an obligation to lower the setting – a positive feedback to the light.

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USB chargeable. Good flood. Single lithium ion battery. Long battery life. Ramping.

Plugging those requirements into the database basically finds just 2 lights: the Thrunite Neutron 2C and the Thrunite T1. Either of these are around $45 but the T1 is smaller. Both are good lights and have a neutral white option though Thrunite tends to use weird neutral whites.

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