[USA] ☀︎ Illumn: PB2S Blue, Red, Yellow. FW1A (waiting on SST-20), FW3A in stock and shipping

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Sorry for the delays guys

contactcr wrote:
do you plan to stock 18350/18500 tubes for FW series?

Yes we're waiting for them now.

anonymous_user wrote:
Just wondering if the other colors of the Xtar PB2S will ever be available at Illumn?

Currently we have Red (Limited), Blue, and Yellow available now: https://www.illumn.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=PB2S

atobe wrote:
Just curious when will you have the FW1A in stock and ready to ship.

The FW1A is in stock and shipping except for the SST-20 variant which is expected to arrive within a day or two.

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Any info on Blue FW3A with SST20?

Need to send xmas present!!!!

it’s urgent!

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