Average dude reviews - Nicron N7

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Average dude reviews - Nicron N7

*(Disclaimer) Hi, I’m gonna try and put together a little series of average dude reviews. These are reviews for the potential non-flashaholics that may wonder in. Some of you guys do such great and detailed reviews but they are sometimes hard to follow and sometimes I just want to hear if something is pretty cool or kinda blah. I know a bit about flashlights, but don’t mod, or program, and can’t tell which emitter i’m using just by looking at it. Also, maybe the manufactures here want a “muggles” perspective. So that’s what up! *

The Nicron N7 (rotating head single AA/14500 tactical flashlight?) I’m kinda loving this thing. Lots of little design points to appreciate every time I pick it up. Got lucky and bought it on Amazon Prime “Day” for like $9.70 delivered. Couldn’t resist. Totally worth it! Also, been craving L-shaped lights recently.

Color: The very first thing I noticed was the awesome color/anodization. It’s a metallic blue, but in some light there may be a little tiny bit of green/grey. It’s a bit like what I imagine the ocean looks like on the Transformers home planet (Unicron?). Really cool. Hope it translates in the pictures.

Beam: The paper that came with the N7 said it was a tactical flashlight. The promo pic is of a dude hiking in the snow with this clipped to a chest strap, which I think is photoshopped on!!! Not that I care. The beam is a nice color, with a smooth reflector, creating a solid, small hotspot. I always think of smaller throwy hot spots as more tactical so that’s cool.

Shape: It’s an L-shaped light and is very comfortable in the hand and to point. I assume it could be a headlamp, bit it didn’t come with a band or anything and I don’t know where to get one that would fit. The head can also rotate to be a straight light which I like as an option, but I’ve got lots of straight lights and probably will rarely do it. The head rotation by the way is tight but smooth enough. Was thinking about trying some silicone lube but don’t want to mess anything up (any advice on that?)

Magnet: Wow I’m torn on this. The tail magnet is the strongest that I’ve ever had on a flashlight. Including much more expensive Olights and JetBeams. It easily holds the N7 in place and I could probably hang an additional headlamp on it. However, I’m not aware of any tactical applications for the magnet. It’s strong, but I doubt it will stay on the side of your AR while you’re ripping 5.56 :)! Would maybe like to see one with a tungsten carbide glass breaker on the back.

Clip: Clip is tough. Stainless steel I think. It’s placed midway on the body of the light. Some people have mentioned that this type of clip placement is annoying for pocket carry because the light is half way out and can fall. For those people just flip the clip to the tail and pocket carry upside down. Personally, I like the middle placement, it clips on almost any strap or pocket or belt at most any angle and stays snug.

Button: It’s a great button. Firm, rubber, shallow, very effective, and comfortable, as well as easy to index. It can do this because it does not have “momentary on” like many tac lights have. So far it’s actually my favorite top button on any flashlight I own.

Settings: Super easy. Starts on high, then medium, then off. No low/moonlight. Long press for blinky and SOS. No memory. I guess starting on high is right for either tactical or work lights, though for edc I like to open on moonlight or be able to. Mostly because half of what I do is looking for stuff on the night stand or in a tent in the middle of the night.

Bezel shape: I really like it! There are just two precise cut outs at the top and bottom that allow light thru so you don’t forget it on if you place it head down, it seems protective, and looks cool.

N7 distinction: This is so geeky of me. I love this because totally random and unrelated “N7” is the armor/weapon distinction in my favorite video game series MassEffect!!

So this light does a lot right for a very good price. However, it does feel like a cross between a “work” light than a “tactical” light. Maybe they can do two versions, one “work” light with an orange peel reflector and a magnet for working on a car or under a sink, and also one “tactical” light with a smooth reflector and a glass breaker/spike at the bottom. As long as the tactical version keeps the N7 distinction somehow!! Also, what would be extra great would be a hidden moonlight mode and an included glow in the dark defuser.

That’s it. Here are some pics. Have a great day.

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Hi, can you show a picture of the LED used?

There’s usually no information about what LED is used. But in one online reference, it says “Samsung LED” used, but is it the LH351D?

The Nicron B74 which is a very similar flashlight, uses a Cree XPL-HD LED.

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I like the non flashlight nut style review!

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I might have to grab one just to rip it apart. And to justify the 4-pack of Shockli 14500s I've been eyeing

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Thanks for the thorough and effective review.

I’ve almost bought these a couple times, but the mode sequence and only two levels stopped me. Some members of my family might get along well with them, though, so I still might order some the next time they’re on sale.

I bought a Rofis R1, instead with a large discount a couple weeks ago and Just ordered a Rofis R2 this morning for $20 with a 50% off Vipon coupon and a Prime sale price of $38.