[videoreview] IMALENT DM70 and DM35

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[videoreview] IMALENT DM70 and DM35

Hello my dear friends!

today i present you the new IMALENT DM70 and DM35
both powerd by a 21700 cell in a small body producing 4500/2000 Lumen of output.


thanks to Imalent for the samples!



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Nice lights, great design, thanks for the detailed overview. Interested in the DM35. Hope it’s not too difficult to swap in a warm emitter.

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They look like nice torches.
and Much simpler to use than the DN 35 and DN 70.
Wich I have here.

They ARE very nice torches to use and hold.
Main difference being battery. 21000 compared to 26650.
The Latter is thicker in case size. Higher capacity.
and MUCH more comfortable to hold.

The 2100 series are like the 18650 Sleeves.
Too Skinny for my hand (medium sized) I find.

I for one.Can’t see the reason for bringing in smaller. Lighter.
Skinnier battery’s. With less capacity??.