Astrolux MF01 (S) needs a charging port

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Astrolux MF01 (S) needs a charging port

OK, I know some people don’t like internal charging, I get that.
But this light, which is really really nice, is a PITA to charge! The batteries run down fast, and you have to unscrew the tail cap, then remove each battery individually.
I also think that in time the springs and posts on the carrier may fail from repeated in and out.
Since this is an 8.4V light, I am guessing it could not be done through USB. (Since the batteries are carried in parallel pairs, maybe that is possible, not an engineer).
But even Chaselight supplies an 8.4V adapter with a $29.99 flashlight! And it easily charges two 26650 4500 Mah batteries to 4.2 volts.
So obviously it CAN be done.
It would be a great convenience on the next upgrade of this light. To be able to top it off after use without disassembly would be worth a few $$ more to me.
Again, I know some folks are going to respond about all the negatives of internal charging.
But the FT03 and BLF SP36 do it with not problems at all. Those are both high drain lights that get topped off after use.