Recommend me an Olight S1 Baton replacement

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Recommend me an Olight S1 Baton replacement

It’s my first post here, be gentle Big Smile

So, i ordered a Fitorch P25 which was on offer for 30$, but now i’m having second thoughts mainly due to the lack of following things:
-non-magnetic tailcap
-no pocket clip
-not that great availability of 26350 batteries

If anyone can recommend me a light which is a lot brighter than the S1 baton with following features listed from more to less important ones
-needs to be small (fitorch P25 measurements are pretty much the maximum…) Head: 1.33 in. / 33.8 Housing: 1.25 in. / 31.8 mm Length: 3.37 in. /85.5 mm

-magnetic tailcap (if one is sold separately for low price it will also be an option)

-pocket clip (if one is sold separately for low price it will also be an option)

-common battery type

-if the light is rechargeable, the charging port should be covered my something more than just a rubber flap, or it has to be very strong.

-tint and CRI are not that important, but something around 4000-5000K with high CRI would be nice

-something like polished titanium or copper details on the light would be nice.

While writing this post i stumbled upon Astrolux S43 ticks almost all boxes, except for the magnet and USB charging port outside of the body (it can be filled with hot glue, so not a problem), and the magnet can be added by using a magnetic camera mount. Does anyone have better suggestions? I am considering about cancelling my Fitorch P25, since it was a pre-order.

Also, i can’t find any info on Astrolux’s weight difference between the copper and aluminium version, does anyone have that information?

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Have you looked at the Klarus Mi1C? It comes in aluminum, copper and titanium. The CU and Ti versions come with a reflector, aluminum version uses a optic. There’s several reviews around if your interested. The copper version is on sale at a good price from here.

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ThruNite T1?

What about a shorty S2+ with a tail magnet (you could go triple here too)

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Maybe the thrunite t1 or acebeam tk16.

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The replacement for my S1 Baton was an S1R II Winter edition.

Waterproof magnetic charging

3000K (I know it’s not what you listed, but it’s actually nice)

80 cri


Also the beam is a little throwier with a smaller hotspot than the original baton.

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Hi. I have a coupla Astrolux S41. Quads. long (18650) and short body’s.
7 settings. On 4 and 5. Not heating. 6 and 7 lotsssss of beam but gets hot.

Mine the Copper and stainless models. Heavy. Compared to Ally Yes. But.
they only baby little things. how much weight can you Really?. put into something that size.
These people and their micro weights.
Light means THIN walls reduced everything. Not so substantial a tool.

Me. I like something in my fist. IF needed. I can snot somebody with a solid lump behind my knuckles.

Xanes XT01 Is another one I got on prebuy ($9.99) Stainless.
Slightly? shorter than the stainless short body S41.
Also a (potentially) nice litttle torch. Time will tell.

I’ll try the long bodies from Astrolux on them too. See if threads compatable?.
But at that price?.

I don’t like the S42 and 43 mainly because of the water inletting charger sockets.
Just me hey.