Astrolux HL01 1200Lumen magnetic angle/headlight groupbuy

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Temporary 18350 option – Remove the inner spring.
The inner spring is super stiff, and the outer spring is pretty normal. We’re not drawing enough current to need two springs.
However, if you remove the inner spring, the 18650 fit is a little weak, and a moderate bump will turn off the light. Even with the double spring a stiff smack will turn the light off…
What I’m doing is when I use an 18650, I put a 1.5×5mm round magnet against the battery, giving the 18650 a bit of extra length.
Until proper length tubes become available, this is my solution. If 18350 tubes aren’t free for us, I’ll probably just keep using this option, although it does add a couple extra grams to this already absurdly heavy flashlight.

@dcavni I also had a broken glass issue and looked a ton for repacements. The stock glass is a SUPER tight fit. I considered buying a watch glass off ebay link, but went for this AR lens from fasttech instead.

If you’re buying from ebay, dropping to 19.5 might be a good call, if there’s any error whatsoever, the 19.7 might not fit. The fasttech one is significantly smaller possibly to the point of trouble, but I figured it’d be worth a shot.

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Patiently waiting and still putting faith for the release of green version.

If it happens i will get 3 Beer

Nico -.-

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I should mention, that at all this flashlight is very nice so. I like it very much because of strong magnet and fine button. Because of reflect optic there are thrower ability, and with XP-L this light enought floody to use it in some close combat cases.

Heavy weight and size promote it to have, as i measured, enought work time even on ceiling level (2.4A) without termo stepdawn for a long time (of course, if you calibrate temperature and set at least 30+20 degrees level of temperature protection).

Even in 18350 variant it could work without stepdawns on 5th level, and even on 6th level on street in early spring conditions, the battery drawns faster )))

In comparison XP-L/4000 and SST20/4000 variants, SST20 is much more thrower, and so is less useful, as my thought. Moreover, a large question, if hicri useful for such optic. But color tint is very nice, no any greenish attempts. I even could not choise, which of them i will left for myself.

I am sure, that for 25$ at start it was very nice deal.

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M4D M4X wrote:


can you guys please measure the output of your HL01 ? (with 18650)

I get: (ZozzV6 150mm tube & Maukka reference lights)

Astrolux HL01
XP-L HI 6500k
High top ramp cd m
rated 1200 770 6900 166
measured 1180 770 9850 198
% -1,67% 0,00% 42,75%  


I saw unbelievable numbers in a review and want to know if i got a "bad one"

while other people got "wonderlights" with 23% more Lumen and 70% more lux than claimed



Unlike most lights who's output starts to degrade from the moment their turned on my XP-L 5000K model took a while to reach its max output. Output on my XP-L light increased significantly afte 30 sec. and I'm guessing this may be why your measurements don't match those of others tests. My SST20 version did this also but to a lesser extent. For reference my crude bounce tests showed about 1500 lumens for the XP-L and 750 lumens for the SST20.