WTS: Fenix TK75 2018 5100 lumen version Brand new

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WTS: Fenix TK75 2018 5100 lumen version Brand new

Hey everyone,

I’m new here but not to forums/online etc. I can verify identity through ebay (300+ ratings) or somewhere else if you want.

I’m selling a brand new TK75 2018 version, this is the 5100 lumen edition (newest of the TK75 series)

I purchased the TK75 and the LR40R at the same time, but the TK75 was back ordered and I received my LR40R first. Originally I was going to keep which ever one I liked more and return the other, but my son dropped the lr40r (still works lol…but scratched) so now the TK75 is being sold. I’d love to keep both but I don’t really have any reason to justify needing two lights of this brightness.

Comes with everything you’d get if ordered from a dealer.

Looking for $175 via paypal shipped usps priorty