XTAR VP4 Plus Dragon full review

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XTAR VP4 Plus Dragon full review

Your comments/suggestions are welcomed!

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What a fresh charger! Smile
You took it from the museum to write a review? Smile

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Thanks for the review. I have this charger and I completely forgot about the probes. I will look for them and use them.

I like this charger alot. Once I figured it out, it’s very simple to use.

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From this message thread on another forum (this message by Xtar is already many months ago, early part of this year 2019):



Hey Guys, super excited to tell you that we will release [the new VP4] and [DRAGON VP4 Plus] in 2019 the strong one , the powerful one, the cheaper one. Now XTAR wants the name of upgraded VP4 and VP4 Plus we are honored to have you participate in this, in return, we will choose two winners randomly, they can get the gifts below:

1*Upgraded DRAGON VP4 PLUS Charger(Value $100)
1*Upgraded VP4 Charger(Value $50)

============================================== ========================================

First of all, thank you guys for being so enthusiastic about this activity. We’ve received many creative and unexpected name for the products.

After discussion, we decided to use the name VP4C for upgraded VP4 and VP4 PRO for upgraded DRAGON VP4 PLUS

There are 21 participants who are from various platforms like Facebook Instagram BLF EDCF CPF etc. got the right answer of VP4 PRO.
Hmm only one gentleman hit the VP4C.

I notice there is already a new model Xtar VP4C (I think it’s a USB-powered version of the formerly AC-powered Xtar VP4 charger).

But I wonder if the Xtar Dragon VP4 Plus upgraded successor, as per above, to be named “Xtar Dragon VP4 Pro” has been released, or they didn’t continue doing this upgraded model?

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Isn’t this review from 2017 — it says “new”?

Terry Oregon
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Yes, the YouTube video is from 2017.   Great charger, have also had one for a couple of years.

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