Recommendation between these 365nm UV flashlights?

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Recommendation between these 365nm UV flashlights?

I'm considering between these 3 365nm uv flashlights:


Has anyone gotten and have experience with the Alonefire SV003 UV flashlight in particular? What type of emitter does it use? And is it the same emitter across 3w, 5w and 10w version? Judging from the reviews on aliexpress and amazon there are reports of overheating. I'm hoping the 3w version doesn't have this issue.


I initially though the Alonefire was like the Countryman S9 here: since it also has SVC in the description. But after looking at it some more the emitters look different. From looking at pictures and from the review photos taken, the emitter in Alonefire uses a 4 die UV LED diode.


I'm mainly considering this because of the price. Will be using it for charging glow in the dark powder pigments and for counterfeit bill checking.



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Pay no attention to numbers such as 3W or 5W or 10W. They are often meaningless or made up, and don’t correlate to actual performance. Only measurements from trusted reviewers who state what they are measuring and compare different flashlights using the same setup are meaningful.

No matter what you get, you must take precautions to avoid injuring yourself and others. These are powerful enough to cause harm if misused. Never look directly into the flashlight. Avoid pointing the flashlight at surfaces which reflect light back at you. Use polycarbonate safety glasses which filter UV light.

Convoy is the gold standard in UV flashlights. By the way, your Convoy link is not from the official Convoy store on AE.

There are 3 models, but those with filter cannot ship to the US due to patent issues. I have the Nichia model and I recommend it. LG models emit a lot more visible light without a filter, which is why they are sold with a filter. Nichia is pretty good even without a filter. You can get a ZWB2 filter for it if you want, but you won’t need it for charging GITD powder pigment and checking for counterfeit currency. You can get the 18350 tube if you want your flashlight to be smaller.

Convoy S2+ Nichia 365nm UV $25.67

Convoy S2 LG 365nm UV 7135*3 with filter $19.41

Convoy S2 LG 365nm UV 7135*5 with filter $21.21

Convoy S2+ Black 18350 Tube


Also read the post for more info about UV flashlights:

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Yep. Convoy S2 nichia 365nm.
I have the filter on mine but you probably won’t need it.
Safety first. Never in the eyes or on skin.

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UV flashlights with filter probably cannot be shipped legally to the US without agreement from the patent holder, but I doubt the US customs actually bother to check for patent issues, so most online stores (not Convoy official store) still ship to the US.

It’s somewhat silly that the patent is not on the filters themselves, but on their use on UV battery powered lights (I guess most countries would consider it too obvious), yet the US patent office accepted the patent, so that makes it legally enforceable.

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peabody wrote:
I have the filter on mine but you probably won’t need it.

Oh, trust me, given the choice, get it. I wasn’t a believer ‘til I saw before’n‘after. Cleans up visible purple leakage.

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Flashlights containing the 4 die LED (seems like 4 LG LEDs on one substrate) are vastly overrated. They are not 10W – in a small package like that you would get 3rd degree burns (until the LED just gives up). Most claims on these 5w/6w/10w/15w lights are silly exaggerations. They all use 7135 drivers which cannot drive the UV LED at full voltage.

The Convoy S2 with a ZWB2 filter is still the most economical choice and is certainly powerful even with the 7135 drivers.

A new light offers a true 7.2W drive and has proven to be the most powerful UV light on the market (that I have found) – even surpassing lights sold for $500 –